Top player is ascension 26?

While I give kudos to #1 player (KFoolington) for working the current system very effectively, I think it’s a sign how broken the system is for a level 26 to be top player by a large margin.

It’s not clear to me why top players cannot fight each other. This seems a fundamental problem with the system. Currently higher level players are ‘punished’ as there are fewer of them and defences are not very effective. All the top players are in fairly low ascension ranges. 

Be interested in hearing how this part of the issue will be fixed. It makes no sense to me that a player should simply max defences at a low level, stay buffed, then just enjoy gradual increasing of trophy count because low level players offence is not sufficient to beat a max defence of a low level player.

I don’t think the system is broken any longer, it can still use upgrades but it is much better than the original system and FAR greater than the weekend fix they did. Also they have stated in the update that players with high trophy count can now find themselves on a map of a much higher level player. Its meant to use ascension level and trophy level to decide your opponent. 

Also I fully believe KFoolington abused the old broken system to get where he is and now that he is there he needs very few attacks (due to gold based on trophies) to afford upgrades at his level and yes max defense will and should be able to hold off most attacks at your level. If you can’t win at your level with max defense what would the point of having a defense be? 

Now as a lower level player than you I will say it sucks having people up to 17 levels higher than me on my map. The average is 10 levels higher than me when an opponent appears and very infrequently are they lower than me. You show on my map and last time were 11 levels higher than me. That means a higher wall, more defenses and barricades and higher level troops to beat. I have to use invocations to get through even using Helen. As a paying player its not a big deal but imagine a non paying player. I dont mind the 21 trophies you give but really I would like a wider variety of opponents as I am starting to recognize you guys defense by name due to the repetitive nature. 

I like the advantage of paying but also want the game to give those who dont pay a chance.  The game is new, what now 34 days old? Its going to have a lot of updates to come and many, many changes. I look forward to it. 


Good luck to you and please stay off my map for a while. 

Hey guys,

KFoolington is indeed an anomaly who has used the old trophy system to get a big advantage. With the latest update, they should no longer be able to maintain that position, as higher level players can now take their trophies. Having a strong defense and being a machine on the attack is still a good trophy advantage, but now, having a higher Ascension Level will make it easier to maintain larger trophy amounts, and stay higher in the leaderboard.

It’s very unlikely that the current low level players will maintain their overly high positions.

WOOT, thanks for reply Cap.

Thanks guys for the responses, and thanks for the feedback BLG.

Guessing I didn’t see any lower level players on my map since my trophies have been pretty high, though I see that “normalizing” now :slight_smile:  

WIll be interesting to see how all the dust settles in the next week or so.

In meantime, will keep strengthening my defences… 






You can stop strengthening them now. You’re on my map again and I attacked you but lost at the gate. Gained 5 trophies but it took 2 invocations to get there. I’m only level 62 tho.

I really hope so. Those low player being up there for a while and I have no chance at gain 2000 cups to compete against them. With all the fixes so far I’d have expected them to lose the crazy amount of cups they stole, without maintain over 4000 or 5000 cups.