Top reward tiers not even reachable in Pro League

Why is the max prize set at 1900 Pro Points when it’s not even possible in this event (One-Man-Army)?

Can you please adjust the tiers based on the League?


Or, you know, don’t make 11 and 12 levels 2x tougher than level 10.

The tiers will be adjusted before the pro league ended.

Where do you see this?

I see in youtube ftb hit 17++ and he take 10 chest and 15k crystal ? 

But the top is 1900+ to take a 10chest and 15k crystal 

? so what happen  last pro i see that


Before 1 month he is hit 1800 and he take 10 chest


I hit 1893  and  i dont take a 10 chest and 15crystal cuz top is 1900


And ftb take max reward hit 1800?

 So game kick my ass and lossing money for buy ticket  or ? what

I experienced it myself after they change rewards system.

If you want to read it, you can go to any Pro League Official Announcement.


After there’s complaints regarding flare staff who join same leaderboard with normal players, FTB moved his account. Server FTB and us are different. FTB play his account on developer server. There’s only him on that server, so regardless how many points he produce, he’ll be rank 1st every week.