Top Tier Conquest, very bad matchmaking !

We r a lvl 67 alliance with lvl 7 conquest buildings. ( Utopia )

we got matched and surrounded with 2 lvl 80 alliances with lvl 9 conquest buildings. ( C.I.A and Shadow Fall )

there are many alliances in the top tier very similar to our lvl but you didnt match us with them. 

can you explain ?

Utopia Alliance.jpg

See, this is a perfect example of the negative side effects of skewing the mathmaking (benefiting some alliances, coddling them up the tiers, instead of just random matchmaking and allowing natural selection to do it’s job).

What is a lvl67 alliance doing in the top tier of Conquest? Of course you will be obliterated by a lvl80 alliance, let alone 2 (that just so happen to be 2 pretty good lvl80 alliances).

It’s completely unfair for you to “demand” to be saved by the matchmaking. If it’s too hard, drop 1 tier, because that’s what tiers are for.

Learn, evolve and come back stronger.

You’re in the top tier, you can’t expect easy fights. You got one alliance on the map that is similar to your strength. I guess you can’t have it all. Next time drop a tier lower, that’s were you guys should be

Btw, I like how you assume the level of the conquest buildings xD

Same in 2nd tier. Level 62 alliance matched against the number 24 [lev 80] ally. 1st 24 hrs they own the whole map. Worthless. Just as bad as war matching!!

My team is in second tier (we are level 60). Our opponents aren’t bad, level 62 twice and a level 71 team. Yes, the wars are tough, but we do our best to gain a score to receive the rewards and seem to manage that really well. 

To be honest, second tier should not be for a team like us, we should reside in tier 3. To be honest, it’s the rewards that made us decide to take a risk, 50% more rewards is worth it. Say we make it twice in a row not to demote and gain the rewards, it would be a huge bonus for our team. We also realize that once we face a non friendly team, we could be wiped of the map, since we lack the resources to stand a fair chance. 

Resources tell the story, our personal resources for donation are not high enough, our alliance resources are close to being depleted and we can’t refill them fast enough.  

I personally think that even when our personal buildings would be able to donate max, it’s not enough to fulfill the demands.

I would expect, that personal resources should at least donate 25-50%% more. We should not be forced to donate a lot of times extra with gems to send extra resources, becuase the stronghold resources are depleted. 

Hey Utopia,
If you try to lock me down at that 1 tile by attacking non stop, I will make sure you’ll be wiped out from this CQ map. ?

utopia you are very lucky just compare your position with us at least you are scoring :frowning:?


Because the top tier teams now know to minimise their tiles while winning, or taking a set position and minimising their tiles to get it, which means the matchmaking is back to the way it used to be.

But yes, a level 67 alliance in the top tier will just get eaten up, and those alliances are what I would expect from the “bottom” of the top tier.

I never get pissed-off like this, but Utopia really do great on pissing me off. Guess what I and some of our best players managed to escape from your lock down. ? We take down 2 of your towers today, tomorrow there’ll be more. ? I’m going to your HQ, taking down all towers while advancing :skull_and_crossbones:

Oh it’s so fun to beat up weaker alliances. ? ?

And you didn’t even let them get the chests. So Classy. ? ?

I would like to see all that kind of bravery against VL or RL.


This is Flare’s fault really. They tried to mess with the matchmaking by forcing unfair and uneven rules between alliances in the same tier, coddling alliances up the tiers (to tiers they really have no business being in).

Why not just stick to a free, random and fair matchmaking? This is what should be happening, at least in the top3-4 tiers.

bad matching ? be grateful that u are  not bullied by shadow fall … we sleeping lions are getting completely bullying they sent every 5k skull player to us and kept destroying our towers on the other hand u there did get 100+ point we couldn’t  as michel screenshots shows 

now feels better ?? 

The system isn’t perfect. Utopia should send their outrage to FG, not to their enemies.
But by abusing this not-perfect system, fak different time zone, locking down most of our plyrs endlessly at 1 tile… that’s called fishing for our outrage.
BTW Fifi is dummy account, created just to abuse this CQ? I just hit your base at CQ, a level 97 king with most towers at level 1? Ridiculous, must be a dummy shared account.
I wonder how many dummy accounts at Utopia used just to run this lock down abuse move, seems you react fast in time, locking us down at that 1 tile (M10), always ready-always online, not affected by time zones. Those dummies run by 1 player?
FG should ban those dummy accounts.

It is easy to tell the level of Conquest buildings by number of towers built the first few hours and number of troops people have.

Top tier is going to be hard no matter what. Building costs will be hard for a level 7 HQ alliance to compete. It doesn’t mean you need to have matchmaking in the top 4 tiers be all messed up with random matchups though. 20% movement, both up and down throughout all tiers, will move people until all tiers have same number of people. It isn’t all about coddling teams – sometimes people can make peace treaties and survive that way.

We’re reasonable people, after we reach our target (that 250 score limit), we stop adding score.
If members want war, they’re allowed to hit scouts not towers -> We usually let enemies to add more points.
But in this case, because Utopia always plays dirty by locking us down everywhere, again damn time zone issue, our policy’s changed especially for you.
At weekend, we will have plenty time focusing on your towers. Payback is a ***** huh.

man you are so tough on weaker players. ofcourse those guys are fighting to survive and get some rewards. what are they supposed to do wait and let all of you do what you want without any resistance? that kind of self entitlement  ?

 I hope to match you guys in next conquest and love to make your kind a farm ?


It’s your own fault. You guys started to attack us since day one, tried to stall our members since day one, after you found out that we didn’t wanna make a deal with you. Your deal was a joke, you guys wanted to split the Territory in half, so you can build and we can build xD seriously? You guys have no chance, but you guys want as much Territory as us? Was very funny. But we would’ve given you points, no problem, but since you guys attacked dozens of times daily since day one, we decided to take everything down. That’s how it works. You should be glad, cause now we help you to get in tier where you guys belong. Cause you clearly don’t belong in the top tier

Dude , that is the top tier, you get gems chest for like  first 5 building ofc you would get top alliance up there.

Also i still blame the map, even my cat’s bed is bigger than that.

Utopia, you’re more lucky … shadow fall didn’t attack you. Look at our score only 1. They didn’t even let us get some chests.


In our group have 41 ally. this mean there will be some lucky ally that have only 3 ally in their conquest map.