Top Tier Conquest, very bad matchmaking !

“c.i.a” you cant even kill us, you have to ally with “shadow fall”  to help u.  what a shame !

we took your mine, you rookie !


Fifiz is no dummy, He is lvl 97 from Utopia who can take from you 10K Skulls. 

 Don’t be mad for having a hard time with a much lower alliance.  go learn to play.



No.  We are in Top Tier because we play very well.

we don’t mind to fight rank 18 and rank 20 alliances with lvl 9 conquest buldings,

they r many alliances with our lvl 7 buildings in Top tier, but we didn’t get matched with them.

This is simply to say the matchmaking is broken.

  and it is aknowledged by FG.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Matchmaking for the event works based on an average from previous events, it is likely that the matchmaking will improve with each Conquest event. 
Nevertheless, please be aware that our team is aware of the situation and are currently looking into it.

i dont assume anything.

they had 500 troops per player and 9 score for 9 builders when the game started.  thats a lvl 9 headquarters.

looks like u r the one assuming ?  please go rant in another post.

Sleeping Lion, they send 5k on our tower, and more r coming in numbers as u can see.

@FIFIZ002, as i can see in your map, it’s your ally that allies with shadow fall. Shadow fall doesn’t attack your tower at all. 

@FIFIZ002, don;t be mad . Ur team still can get some decent rewards compare to us, Sleeping Lion. So, we should be mad more than you. But our Sleeping Lion still have a fun in this conquest. Look at our ‘poo’  at near shadow fall stronghold that give us 1 score ?

That goes for CIA, not for SF. You said that both have them at 9, which isn’t true. So go and get your facts straight first, cause then you don’t have to assume things

i added pictures. see above post.

If it was really such a mismatch, locking up players with attacks should have easily been defeated with supreme victories.

Although I can definitely understand the frustration with constant attacks.  It’s freaking annoying for sure.  But a very good tactic to use during Conquest for tying up enemy movement. 

I gotta admit, last Conquest we teamed up with another alliance and knocked one of the ally down to single digit points (although they did manage to reach like 150 at one point). But this was only after we suspected some cheating was going on. It wasn’t just our alliance that suspected it but the other one felt the same way as well.  Truth be told, we have no valid proof but if an alliance beats yours by over 20k skulls in a 50-50 person battle (only top 45 scores counted) and was never able to recreate that magic again for the rest of the event. Makes you wonder if they just caught ‘lightning in a bottle’ or ‘had some electronic help’.  You beat us by a mile, it wasn’t even close but yet we never saw those awesome barely 4000 trophy raiders beat us using KOW scroll free again after that day… 

For that, we did what we did.  No valid proof but after 5 years of playing, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.  It’s gotta be a duck right?

But in terms of allowing some alliances score to reach certain bonuses (especially the alliance gold bonuses) it would be good for the overall health of the game.  The will allow alliances, especially the lower ranks to upgrade and build up just by participating in Conquest Events. They improve, their players moral is positive, they want to continue to play and learn and grow.  And maybe, they look to join your alliance because of that.  We need more of that as we are certainly losing many players off the top due to the heavy scroll to win in top 10 ranks as there is definitely a trickle down effect there with player movement.  As a community, that’s something we can do to help the game itself. But that’s just my opinion.

Mom…sleeping lion is trying to stall us ?

We didn’t try. In fact we stalled you and shadow fell in our trap. And you lost 1st place ?

Yes…we are a little ally as compared with you and we do not have any experience with top allies. We are in top tier cuz we play well (same as utopia).

Lesson learned here. I suggest to learn humility lesson there.

Before returning in “our” tier, we will keep having some fun with you, queen elisabeth!


Sorry to say,but you guys are seriously bullying…and if it is top tier,u guys are still in need of help from a friend alliance…and again you are bullying…you definitely complained if your match was against VL or RL…Cuz those teams,u cant bully…playing well to be in top tier,and a bunch of experienced players in an 80 lvl alli to be in top tier …both r totally different.we r not satisfied with the matchmaking.but i still say.U guys are bullies,who uses their alli lvl to bully others.u know its good to be humble.

SF has 6-7…so what?those facts really dont matter.?

Our fault ? U can give thousand of reason to attack us or not give any point to us. I think your ally just want to show off. Shame on you. U need 5 players to win 1 of our TG. So, it mean we’re more stronger. ( 1 SL player vs 5 SF players)?

We’re in top tier because we 're playing well and have a good strategy that’s why you feel be threaten. ??.



maybe we start the attack but i think your behavior is strange and like kids i mean you choosed to attack a weak ally because you know that we can’t win on you you are top ally with strong players and lof of boosts  so i will say   you are happy now with your 1st place  but you won’t stay like that forever because you  don’t deserve the rank of top ally you are bad ally and i will never forget you and we will revenge in a day  ? 

Just the fact that we only want Second :wink: from the beginning. Guess your “plan” didn’t work. Enjoy the lower tier next time and only little rewards this time xD

Such a drama

why you all talk about bully? Why someone need to let you have chests?

fight for you happy. 


Conquest is dead mode for me and ita my last conquest.


and yes guys You all are not deserve to be in top tier sorry.

you pics just a fun. We have  fight with Les Frances since day 1. And yes its funny batlles with keeping in stuck.

but they deserve to be in top tier. You all are just a joke, sorry. To be with RL and VL in same top? We will eat you even without try. Why you should be here?

It’s funny how those little Alliances think that they’re strong (scoring a couple hundred skulls per war) xD or that they have a plan or whatever. You got wiped out, cause of your own actions. Deal with it. Have fun next time with easier opponents

And btw, we didn’t choose you weak opponents. If you don’t want tough opponents, stop playing and get in a tier where you won’t face them. Maybe tier 1 xD 

Maybe you guys learned your lesson :wink:

It is broken because flare gave in to people like you that demand to be saved by the matchmaking.

Why should you have to face weaker competition than any other alliance in your tier? Aren’t you fighting for the exact same rewards? Of course you are so obviously you should not have to face weaker competition.

Not weaker, of equal or similar strength.

respectfully the game developer doesn’t share your opinion.

FG makes the rules of matchmaking, and I am posting to ask why their rules r not enforced.

they acknowledged the issue and r working to resolve it, as I posted earlier.

I refer you to the patch notes 4.3

"Conquest Matchmaking · As already announced earlier, we made some changes to the matchmaking that will base the matchmaking not only on the previous Conquest scores but also on the strength of Alliances. This should guarantee a better Conquest experience for players.  "

and in my opinion their matchmaking algorithm should include the alliance Rank and headquarters buildings lvl.  

an alliance reducing purposely its score to avoid jumping in the top tier is just silly.  its a game and we r here to play it.  not stop playing once we reach a certain score.

Don’t sugarcoat it.

The reality is this: you want to compete in a tier (which is too high for you) and you want the matchmaking to save you from the stronger alliances of that tier.

You want special treatment and benefits compared to other alliances (that are fighting for the exact same rewards as you, btw).

This is completely unfair and it is not right.

It’s a shame that Flare fell for this injustice.

no special treatment.

FG rules of matchmaking ok ?

its english !

Get a life  you shadow lairs  :wink:  running around telling lies , you are a full grown up person assume your words don’t act like you was forced to do so because we did attack because your leader words was no mercy and then utopia and cia are not attacked     liars :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:  stop acting and get a life 

matchmaking should include NOTHING at all… just random within a tier. One time you can be lucky, next time not.

Why would rank have to be a part of matchmaking?? That is sooo easy to manupulate (just kick some members before the start and the alli drops 10-20 spots without getting any weaker in conquest)

and include HQ lvl?? Then why would any alli try to get hq to a higher level if that will only give them stronger opposition…

@Domikick (please read with a calm heart ) 

  1. I don’t mind being attacked or SF blew down our towers. BUT what I’m really HATE is a LIAR. It took me a day to investigate your accusations. Your ally attacked our tower first and you blame us. So funny. Where I got information about this ? 1st of course from our lions. 2nd from one of your members that is my friend there…If I put the screenshot here what about your member said ,  I think it will more humiliate your ally leadership. But for the sake of my friend in there i will not doing that. Please remind in mind, I saw many top ally from us fell down because of the ally leadership. May be your ally is the next to fall down.

  2. Why we can’t in top tier ? We in the top tier because we’re playing well in the previous conquest. I am also can say to top 20 ally which is in the 2nd tiers, hey you don’t belong to 2nd tiers, why u in this tiers. This 2nd tiers is only belong to ally rank below 100. 

FYI there’s also top 10 ally in 2nd tiers, and why they’re in 2nd tier and not in the top tier  base on their ally rank ? It’s because conquest mode is not depend on your ally rank. Every ally can be belong in top tier if they’re playing well in previous conquest. Another reason is because there’re bullying in conquest. 3 ally make an allies attacked 1 ally, even if you’re stronger ally , you can’t win the conquest.  I hope your ally will meet those bullying soon.

For me, the players that said some of ally likes us not belong to be in top tiers are too arrogant.

Anyway Shadow Fall THANKS for attacked us. My base raining with the gems.???