Top Tier Conquest, very bad matchmaking !

The leader of SL asked for a deal. He asked for half of the map. SF didn’t knew other opponents on the map yet, but offcourse didn’t accept this deal on a very small map.

SL never asked for an other deal where SF could help them get more watchtowers or territory

True, but that tower was attacked because it was build near a tower of SF. SL began attacking like maniacs and trying to stall all members of SF and SL is still attacking and stalling till now. What would you expect? SF would do nothing?

You can play in every tier you want, but don’t complain when you play top tier and find top alliances on your map. And if you find them, don’t poke the bear, cause the bear can respond.

Same as your alliance in a top tier. You meet strong opponents, lose the conquest and play the next conquest 1 tier lower. A top 10 alliance in 2nd tier will probably win this conquest and fight next conquest in top tier.

That’s the best part of conquest, many players use scrolls as 4th of 5th spell. Some members of SF scroll to win, some members of SL scroll to win.

SF now even has a gem-ATM near the stronghold of SL. Every member of SF can pick up many free gems there . ☺️


But to make it more clear. SF has a deal with CIA from day 1. CIA takes first place, SF takes second place. Both don’t want to many points and stopped building after 250/300 points. Both alliances don’t want to spend gold on towers they don’t need anymore.

SL will get 3rd place for “free”. 


Happy fighting. Joy joy.



Yeah, CIA had the same issue with Utopia. Initially we wanted to leave them alone and mind our own business. But then they start complaining about how bad the matchmaking was on forums and started to attack like crazy stalling our players so we decided to erase them. They even mentioned somewhere how incompetent we are because we lost a tower (which we wanted to lose anyway because we had too many points). We really didn’t have intention to fight a lot but it got annoying. And I am seriously lazy as everybody knows by now.


Don’t try to be a hero, you are not even in this picture, you don’t know what happen. I bet you have no idea what I was talking about, still you interfere.  S T F U!
Note this: we were not asking for problem, we play CQ like usual normal way. Utopia was the one who initiated this fight. Such arrogant low alliance.
BTW Fifi is fake account, not a b.tch, a male impersonate like a female, you can keep your in your pant

Conquest mode is indeed boring. And Utopia has invented a way to make this game even more disgusting.
I read about someone who propose something like ‘cooldown/immunity’ period on a tile that just get attacked. @aslan? or @Dena4?
I agree with this idea, to stop low life people (like Utopia&their arrogant big mouth) from abusing this not-perfect CQ system. No more always-online-goonies can lock players down at 1 tile non-stop for days, lock down half alliance members (we have different time zone issue, Utopia not (always online-has no life)). Sickening way of play Utopia did.

really interesting. Thanks guys. And? how that have finish? I want the end of the story. What are the ranking at the end?

Take an educated guess :grinning:

CIA first, SF second. Nobody cares about the other two xD stopped building towers after day 2 :wink: saved a lot of gold

 free forum aint yours so you learn some manners boy and accept outside insights…maybe improve your garbage base before you bark?

talking about some guy looking for a girl in-game? thats how lowlife you are ? I aint like you im here to play not look for gf get a life.?

stick to the topic acting high and mighty to weaker players doesn’t make you strong get it? if not dont bark do a little more back reading and reflect kid. ? 


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