Top War Map

On behalf of Roaring Lions, can Flaregames give Vanguard Legion a season of easy map next week ? They’ve had a rough month or two in war, deserve a bit of a breather.

In exchange, FG can give Todesritter to us for 3 seasons.They’ve finally becoming strong now, in fact probably stronger than Roaring Lions.Should be a nice challenge.Haven’t face them for quite a long time.Seems like FG want to grow them strong after the fall of North Alliance.Imo Todes already grown strong enough, about time they get a proper map and proper test.

FG have protect them for 4-5 seasons already now, putting them in easy map while giving the likes of KD and TLD an impossible map against top 3

For me it is very unfair that 4-5 strong alliance fight in same map while another escape with a guaranteed 1st place.Should at least break the top 6 into to map if not put all together in one.


What is this strong you keep talking about?  Are you strong?  Are others weak?  Are you stronger than me?  Am I stronger than you?


How long have you been playing this game now?  Comon now, you think there is something other than collecting players with high skull perks?

What does “Todes is ready now” mean?   they might be “stronger” than RL?  Does that mean they have more than 26/27% skull perk Avg on their team?  Is that what strong means?


You crack me up man “seems like FG wants them to grow stronger” LOL   whats that mean ?  That war boosts mean something or that Flare has given them a boat load of skull perk items in order to play the silly war seasons and be able to compete with skull count to win? To win what? a war boost that does absolutely nothing to prevent your base from being no scrolled?  

please enlighten me as I know very little about this game since I have “fallen” with North :grinning:  


Do not allow to select alliances for war maps manually!


“a season of easy map next week” - so you want some near-top 5 alliances to have season without chances?

that would be nice. i sort of feed up vs rl and apoc every war for 2 months

so you want to be best, but do not want to fight against best? WTF? WTF?


you (both RL and VL) were able to get 120 fiefs, and now want (you and them) to fight against whose, who no even close to 90 :angry: :angry:


ALMOST ALL alliances in the game drop fiefdoms to get better opponents

drop your 40-50 fiefdoms, and your dream come true


Not sure what you’re so upset about.  He’s asking about splitting up some of the war seasons, it’s not like wars are based on fiefs either, if they were it would Apoc, RL, VL, Todes, HK, and HSTS.  If it were based on rank it would be Apoc, RL, VL, Todes, HK, MyM.  Instead, it’s based on really nothing, except how FG chooses to pick them.  RL and VL are not aligned, so asking that they be split for a couple of seasons isn’t a gift to RL.  VL has been 4th the last couple of seasons.

You guys can play wars how like and drop and move around, we have worked hard to reach 120 fiefs and will remain here.  But, that really has little to do with the OP’s thread.  Fii and I both wondering how Todes continually is given a cake map.  They are seemingly intentionally sheltered.  @kingfurocious, you’re deluding yourself if you think that map separation doesn’t allow you to grow stronger.  It allows your alliance to recruit better and provides maps where you get to beat the entire field on each and every day, this supports overall morale and keeps players with you longer between seasons.  You should remember, FG did this for NA for several seasons too.

@mss73, your argument doesn’t hold much merit.  Here’s who is on the maps for the last several seasons:

Current season: Apoc (120), VL (120), RL (120), RPN (76, going to 73), TLD (72), HK (84)
Wondorous warfare: ac, vl, rl, NA (116), HK (84), HSTS (75)
Guardians of the Realm: Rl, NA, TLD, POCC (60), ESP (64), KD (63) - you guys placed 3rd on this map, didn’t realize you were so upset with the results…  Apoc on a different map here, no Todes either there.
Overt offensive: AC, RL, VL, NA, KD, Pocc (bugged alliance, 74 fiefs now, was higher)
Flash Freeze Fight: RL, NA, Todes (86), TK (62), IL (defunct), mym (67)  and this is the last time todes was seen.

So, you don’t think 4 seasons of being in 4th place (on leaderboards) and not having a competitive map isn’t an advantage granted to them?  Also, can you explain the Guardian of the Realm map?

Btw, it’s these maps that killed NA.  We fight for boosts, they aren’t just for defense, they’re for offense too.  Putting alliances in situations where they will continually get 4th will slowly kill them.  

This topic mean RL is the strongest alliance and they want to challenge all of other alliances

This topic mean RL is the strongest alliance and they want to challenge all of other alliances

So we should allow Todes to reach 120 fiefs first before fighting top map ? How will they reach 120 fiefs then ? By beating ally with below 65 fiefs ofcourse.Very fair indeed @mss73

Furo you’re deluded and as well, you does not make sense.Todes not strong and North still alive then I see ? Okey mate, happy hunting in Targaryen

Ahaah) i wanna see RL vs Todes

but not without all map ally)

hope vl will be with apo this day and apo ll not help u)

it will be fun i think)

Its nice for Todes,this maps.

Glad for them)

who said anything about getting help.  The point is, Todes is strong enough, but who can actually gauge, they haven’t seen a tough map in over 2 months.

And for the word strong, it means they will fight hard (and not give up…) and yes also that they have the proper skull perks.  I’m sure you guys are doing okay in Targaryen now with WM dumping chests full of skills on you as well.  NA of all alliances should know it’s not easy to get all 60 players to contribute fully in a war and score well, you used to do this most seasons effectively.  It’s not until you started losing did all this talk about SP and lack of skill come around.  It wasn’t discussed when you had the advantages in that department.

No, but variety is the spice of life and right now it’s nothing but VL and apoc, I want frog as well.


wm dumping chests?)))

skint, seems u dnt know nothing(((


and be honest,only vl and apo got tought war last times)

not Rl)

hope this time we can fight with u and apo without LB,once)

we all need know how who used event)))



I can’t follow what you’re talking about.  I just showed you 3 maps out of the last 6 with RL and VL.  I guess you’re referring to us attacking you with LB and apoc beating you straight up twice.  

I don’t know what you mean by who used the event.  Maybe WM wasn’t doing that.  By Jimbob’s own admission, VL buys a lot of loyalty, I can only assume that was part of standard operations as well.

Like ur members always said -prooooof

Rl paid for loality and players too) we kbow it both,yes?


in last maps RL only been and made lb

im about that

thats why i think only apo and vl made hard.

and HK! Yes they r

its not about ur strong,its only fact.

so, u had easy wars for my opinion


I can see how you would take this position considering you finished 4th in both wars.  And yes, you’re right, RL did nothing to make you 4th.  /sarcam off.

Lets see about this war 

rl made looserbonus!

it was really hard for u,i understand

Bullocks. I was the very first to protest the introduction of the first skullperk and again protested the 4th and 5th perk.

Cromka it does not matter if RL have easy war or tough war, point is that Todes should be in top map.I can understand 1-2 season out but 4-5 seasons is a bit too much.

You think RL have confidence to beat Todes ? No, not really but we’ll try.Same as VL, we’ll try to win.No LB or with LB doesnt matter as long as you win.

@kingfurocious time to follow the KG’s advice and stay away from forum.Apparently the world is full of violence now in both real life and online games, as greggenheim said.Be safe.