Не могли бы вы сказать мне цель кнопки"!

Hello Rustam, this is an English-speaking forum. Please write in English. Thank you! :slight_smile:

цель кнопки состояния (низкая, средняя, высокая

To have information about something. A chest, a tile in conquest, knowing about players, alliances.

status button target (low, medium, high)

That shows your activity in conquest. How active you are - High, Normal, Low, or you are on a break.

We have explained this in 2 videos, check them out in the official announcements if you want :slight_smile: Basically, you can show your alliance leader or general how active you are atm. Meaning set it on break - you don’t want to play or can’t play atm. Set it on very active, if you have time to play the conquest.

Thanks. more question. if you get 150 points, what happens next? will the game last until the end of the conquest?

Yes. The game keeps continuing. You can play till max. It will be added to the average conquest score and your ally can be in a better tier afterwards.



Conquest is just a great game! thank You for Your work.

Кнопка просто показывает вашим генералам-лидеру насколько ты готов активно участвовать в событии.

То есть ты сам должен поставить степень своей активности.

Сама по себе она ни на что не влияет.

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