Набор В Альянс

Ведётся набор В Альянс Крутые Русичи!! Ищем активных надежных людей в месте мы сможем все!! Мой ник в Игре Заваха.

Все вопросы пишите!! все решим обсудим!

Hey ho,

Please write your stuff in english. This is an english forum and no one can read what you write.

Ok. Translated:

The Alliance is on its way. Cool Rusich !! We are looking for active, reliable people in a place where we can do something !! My nickname in the game is Covenant.


Write all questions !! decide that everything will be discussed!

It’s OK to use any language in the Alliance subforums.  :slight_smile:

  1. These forums are English only. However, in the Alliance subforums (search alliance and search players), feel free to use the language you prefer.


Tnx Tomaxo.

finally someone did it)

I am sorry. You guys are right. I will correct it in the topics I post it wrong before.

Anyways - good luck in finding new guys for your alliance. :slight_smile: