Totaly Unfair


You hate me that’s okay. But I hate you for this. Why don’t you allow me any skull in the COF. You let us 5 battle per player & now you do this to me. Same on you… :stuck_out_tongue:

It could be worse. You should be happy not to find negative skulls in CoF :stuck_out_tongue:

This stupid war season gave me five Big Zero in COF…

Flare must be targetting me by all means…

They are becoming so mean now a days…


What does this mean?

Stop it…

what a great joke Flare shame on you hahaha

Yes i too had this problem.what is this??

That should happen when you post 2 things too quickly, so just wait more seconds before write another post.

Yes i can read it there but the thing is what i had posted is remaining there itself and displaying the message “please wait”

I think some problem with forums and now it had been solved im not getting that screen anymore?

Well it’s good to know that but I’m facing the same issue over and over.

Thank you Flare for giving me a compensation of 800 vouchers. :wink: