Tough Barricades as Good as Blockades?

So as you probably know, the top players have recently been rolling with elite boosted Tough Barricades in their defense instead of blockades.


Are elite boosted Tough Barricades as good, or even superior, than blockades? Or is there a reason they’re doing that?


Share your thoughts, especially those who does this.  :stuck_out_tongue:

They are way tougher and take a whole max Bladestorm/barricade if you are lucky not to have a raging wolf nearby :grinning:


Has anyone tested Firestorm on them?

in antisipation of future buffs and nerfs by flare i keep an inventory of “less desireable” items on hand. including 3 level 12 barricades (on there way to 13)


always think of this game as an elaborate game of ‘paper, rock, sissors’.



elite barricades will be valuable, indeed.

Boosted Barricades are hell, they have too many hitpoints.

Max. Firestorm doesn´t work fast enough.


Use bladestorm to bring them down, it works better then sonic blast or firestorm.

Woah! I’m surprised to see so many giving Tough Barricades a thumbs up over Blockades.

Nothing surprising as it’s a fact: 2blockades/Max BS vs. 1 tough barricade/Max BS. :grinning:

I recently saw MasterE having only barricades (no blockades at all), and other high and elite level players do the same thing (or as much barricades as they already have by now), so yes barricades with elite boost are VERY tough indeed (the elite buff isn’t called “tough barricades” without a reason lol!)… still, you need a constant supply of alliance gold to keep them up, so not available for everyone^^

it is not as good as blockade 


it is WAY MUCH BETTER than blockade  :wink:

my alliance ran tests on tough barricades last night.


they are awesome and affordable as far as elite boosts go.


pull those old barricade out on inventory and start pumping 'em up, kids.

we intend to have that one running 24/7 eventually

but now with the boosted barricade (mummy springs up, when destroyed). The favour goes back to the Boosted BARRICADE. 

However, this is only for the war season, maybe after that things will once again favour boosted blockade.


So, I guess keep everything upgraded. All towers/blockages etc. Don’t let your workers rest.


So much for the Labour Law!!!

I think you confused the words barricade/blockade in that post :wink: