Tournament Strategy (How to get more medals)

I am lvl 62, and still new to RR2 I like to do the Tournament circuit, I am currently in the Diamond League Tournament and I am in 6th place.

The 5 players above me on the leader board are all lvl 100 players, yet I find myself in the top ten. how do I place so high?

I discovered a strategy by accident. I was playing against other players, and getting 22 medals per win, I was also getting gold, and chances at loot via the skeleton chest game;

however not catching any of the players who had thousands of medals more than I did, until once I ran a dungeon, and discovered that while in a Tournament, if you do a dungeon

instead of challenging an opponent, yes you loose out on the skeleton chests and the gold from a victory, but you get way more medals; because dungeons award medals.

Doing a dungeon of your lvl can give you several hundreds of medals; it means you only run one dungeon, then you have to wait for your silo to fill, but you have to do battle

teen players to get 220 medals, or you can do a dungeon which might give you 600 plus medals. Perhaps all the top players on the Tournament leader board know this strategy,

I just wanted to share with other new players (such as myself) the secret of my success.



3 days work for 8 gems does not look promising…I suggest you to stay in the lower leagues, the diamond one is really profitable only if you win it.

You are a very low level player, you will have a good medals/food ratio until level 80, then you will struggle because you will be in that phase where you are too strong for the low level players but to weak to earn more than 200 medals per battle. In this case dungeons is one if not the only choice, but you will soon see that the ratio between food and medals in dungeon is not really good. The maximum is around 1300 medals and in dungeon you spend around 500-600 food without possibility to use food perk, difficult to win a diamond league in this way if there is a reasonable participation.

Later, with food perk of 50%, you will be easily able to raid 500+ medals players, and for the same amount of food you can collect 2500 medals instead of 1300. Of course you need to invest more time but is the only way to reach 100k medals in 3 days. The stronger you become, the higher will be the ratio (stronger opponents with lower food required using higher food perk).

@SinisterEggplant, glad you found that out for yourself! That will really help you once you get into the later dungeons! I attack the Crypt of the Living Dead V when I’m going for first place, cause that gives me 1206 medals per attack!!

the trick I use  (fluctuating  between platinum and diamond) is if I am within reach of first and I’m out of bread, I have plenty of vouchers that I can use to refill the silo with, then go back and hit the dungeon again.  I don’t waste my precious gems on restocking food.  Usually, I have no chance for 1st in Diamond.  Inevitably some level 130 dude comes in and mops up the floor like the guy in the pic above.  I’m not wasting my vouchers (and time) if I don’t have a chance…  It’s worked plenty of times to win the Platinum though!

AK, how hard is the Crypt 5? That’s my next one after Gold Vault 25.


It’s not terrible. I suggest you use Fritz and Monks, Wolves, Cannons. I get through it every time with that combo

Archer, Monk, Wolf & Aska

Just spawn ONE Wolf and ONE Monk at the Beginning and then only Archers. Aska will give you enough Monks to keep you alive! :slight_smile:

Drop to lower league, there you have better probability to win leagues

ok, thanks guys!