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For the last 3 weeks I have not won a single diamond league except one time by luck (had about 0.5% more medals than 2nd place), most of the time I were between 4th and 6th place, yielding me barely any gems.

That feels strange to me for the following reasons:


  1. Before that, I won most diamond leagues for 1-2 months now (basically since I unlocked sonic blast), even 3 diamond leagues in a row, and whenever I did not win, I was at least close to winning and at 2nd place.

  2. I do not lose significantly more battles than then, and a decent fight gives me nearly the same amount of medals as then.

  3. The winners and almost all of the top 5-7 places in the last weeks are NOT high level / strong players, but all low-level or at most early mid-level players with 1.0k (!!) - 2.5k trophies (while I am at about 3.4k trophies) that would give me like 27 medals or so for a fight (not more than for fighting a 500 trophy level 1 king).


And those did obviously not just trophy-dump but are REALLY extremely weak: Mostly between 10 and 13, sometimes 14 towers, 7-9 obstacles, weak troops, no especially tricky base layouts. For curiosity I visited several of them, and was able to beat each of those with only knights as troops and without any or with spells I barely ever used (you know, a great opportunity for unlocking the 500x achievements for those) and 1 minute+ time left, full-hp of king without any effort. In return, one of them tried to attack me back, failed and needed about 4 apocalypses and 4 heal scrolls to beat my gate (with some towers left) when my defense wasn’t even fully up (2 of my strongest towers, 2 blockades and 2-4 path pieces less than normal).


Now, I wouldn’t mind at all not winning every diamond league, or even losing often against stronger kings.

But ending up somewhere between 50% and 66% of the trophy counts of several low-level players in each and every league for weeks now just makes me sad… and just to clear that up: The final 1st place scores in the last couple of leagues were all between 27k and 37k, so not actually quite low.




  1. Where any changes made to the algorithm for grouping players together in one league? My league opponents definitely got lower while I got higher both in strength and trophy count, and I would have expected my opponents to get higher, too (or at least stay as strong as before).

  2. How many trophies do you guys usually need to win your diamond league / what’s the trophy count of the winners in your diamong league?

  3. Did you notice similar things lately?



If the situation stays like that for much longer, I guess I’ll have no other choice but try trophy dumping or focus on gem-farming from easy-looking base layouts instead of tournaments.

I mean, honestly, in the last weeks I got more gems from others scrolling/resurrecting at my base than from tournaments, even though I don’t have stronger towers/troops than average in my trophy range, and did not even try to farm gems this way.

I’ve never notice that, but by now I’ll check it more frequently. In the last 2-3 tournaments I saw the first had more or less 3200-3400 trophies (I’m around 4000)…now I’m second in my league and the first has 4121 trophies…

What I notice is that the level is increasing very fast! 3 weeks ago to be ranked around 100 you needed 3900 trophies, now over 4100!!! And it’s growing up even more…

When I first reach top 1000 it was around 3000 trophies , now its around 3300-3350 top be exactly 1000th player but the base difficulty pretty much the same.People growing fast in term of attack but defensively , most choose to take it slow.

I think that “Food for Video” is working well and People, including myself, can and do play continuosly. Since that my average play time has more than doubled and my medal scores in the leagues increase from league to league. Before this video thing was working so well most of my leagues ended between 10-15k. Last 2 weeks this is reached during first day typically.

In addition there are players that are willing to scroll insanly so they win 500+ medals per fight. Yesterday my first time ever I tried this with 3 scrolls I was able to gain 750 medals in a single match without issues.

Perhaps some of this is the result of Food for Video. I fear that auto gem farming is also an influence here as players now seem prepared to spend gems extravagantly to purchase bread and push to win leagues while the rest of us are limited by our farms production rates. A higher level player with superior skills and defences can lose leagues now because we are restricted by the number of battles we can play in the allocated time, while others are not. To see someone with 900 to 1000 trophies win Platinum and Diamond league is not unusual now, but is insane. The gem supply for free and Windows players is drying up.


Yep, I completely agree 

Hmmm, I am experiencing an opposite situation. I won over 10 diamond leagues in a row in the past month and only see mid level players in it, beside myself. Won’t really complain about it, just interesting. Never use scrolls either.


By the way in my current diamond league, after 1 day I have a rather funny situation: From a comparably strong player I’d get more medals in 1 attack than by attacking all of the current top10 in that league, each 1 time, which would yield me just exactly 405 medals in total…

In the whole league only 3 people give me 100-140 medals and all the others 27 medals each. I’m currently at 32XX trophies, not even top 1000.

Some roughly trophy or strength based leagues would be cool, I guess… would not actually mind some minutes waiting time to next league start for proper matchmaking, instead of instant start as it is now.

I’ve never win a diamond League (I’m a Windows player).

So is my daughter … level 65 and she has won 2.

Hero, in my league nobody but me has more than 29 medals…this fact is astound…

Players with 1600 trophies have more than 30.000 medals with 1d14h left…something’s odd…

And why do you want to play against the other players in your league?

You don´t need it.

I have never play against them because the always to low in medals and trophys.

i can understand


No, I don’t want to, I only notice that it’s a little bit odd that a so low level player can reach 45k-50k medals…but it could be…if somebody plays all the time it could be… :grinning:

I been noticing this also, Most players in my league are between the trophy ranges of 1000 - 2500 there are only 1 or 2 players which are actually the same or above my range. 

Sure I don’t need to. Though, it just feels wrong… I mean, if a top10 player ends up with all-weaker players, ok. But I am far from being there, and it feels strange to be the only one there with 15 or more towers…


I mean, when I was at 1500-2000 trophy range I was in gold and sometimes platinum league, playing actively and collecting medals as good as I could, and now in diamond league 1500 trophy players occupy all good places with ease while I rarely see any 3k+ trophy players there at all. When I first entered diamond league after getting the 2.4k trophy achievement, I could barely get over 5-6k medals in 3 days, even with some great opponents in my favorite list, while place 1 always had 10-15k medals and were way stronger than me. Now it seems just the other way round (though, of course with much greater medal counts for all), with the weak winning all along.

And it’s not just that the weak win, but also that I rarely see players of a level of absolute* strength as high as I saw there very often a few months ago - shouldn’t players overally have got stronger up to now or at least be as strong as months ago?

(*absolute strength = e.g. number of towers and blockades, trophy count; so nothing that would be relative to my strength - e.g. “how much medals do I get for attacking them and how difficult it is” in contrast would be relative strength)

I think they want to favour weakest players in order to make them not stop playing RR2.

Maybe… though, you know, the HIGHEST league ingame just shouldn’t be the place for low-lvl and early mid-lvl players to go when they want to win.


Also, looking back, RR2 has received a number of improvements that make it easier especially for lower players:

Treasure chamber protection - when you level up your treasure chamber, as a low level player you can have more protection than what your tower upgrades cost… compared to no protection at all some months ago.

Also, daily free 3h gold shield might be not enough to gather enough gold for a 5m+ upgrade (for a high lvl player), but still more than enough for all those cheaper upgrades of up to 1-2m or so.

Advancing in the dungeons for extra gold, gems and some extra troop types is also something that is relatively new, same as the whole “free food for video” feature. Also, the recent reduction of digging times (to about 3% of what they were before) especially works out well for lower level players that didn’t unlock almost all dungeons yet, and that only have few (e.g. 2-3) workers. Also cost+upgrade times for farms and taverns were reduced, making it possible to perform many raids and gain a lot of gold by taverns early on.


Furthermore, with more and more tips and tricks available on youtube, these forums and the wiki, it is also easier to gain some knowledge that helps to beat other low-level players that lack experience and thus have not-so-great base layouts compared to what they could have just by changing placement of their towers and path tiles or changing their wave composition within the (limited) set of morale points and troop types.


Last but not least: If they favour weaker players, they have less motivation to actually become stronger and continue with the game?

Well , lately after dominating the diamond league for a very long time I’m finally facing seriously problem to compete even with 10% medal boost.3 hours ago I have 5000 medals advantage over a player around 3300 range , now hes above me and watch him gain just a little over 200 medals per raid.That’ll be around 30 raids to get more 6000 medals , must be a lot of videos.2nd time in a row now I’m forced to settle for 2nd place after putting in a lot of effort to grind medals only for someone easily beat me.I now understand the feelings of other Windows user that use to complaint before , haha.


Just sharing , not a complaint but still pretty much unfair especially for lower level Windows user who I think have a hard time to get into top 3 even.On Asphalt 8 , players were divided into division according to their platform because iOS user can get 0.5 sec time advantage while Windows player can’t use steering sensitivity.Can Flare do the same for league and just league ?


But then again , some Android and iOS user don’t get videos hmm.