Tower cannot be destroyed

Player ZuzuKing has a tower in the lower right corner, that takes no damage at all and thus cannot be destroyed. This is verified by several members of our alliance.

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You aren’t the only one. During our war season, an opponent places heal tower there at right lower corner. With ranged spells the tower can be destroyed.

However… a hammer or sonic blast aren’t doing any damage, only at that tower, resulting in 99% score.

Oh it’s you again"ZuZuking"

If you look closer you’ll see there’s ruin right behind tower. This tower can’t be placed like this if there’s ruin, it can be placed on right or left side but not as it is now. On old similar topics there’s few more “smart” players with same placed towers, and no sh**, they all have ruin behind that unkillable tower. I checked one of them, now there’s no more ruin and tower in corner destroyed like as any usual ones.
Also i tried ZuzuKing and found solution to destroy his tower too, it’s very simple place your hero close to tower and continuosly click on tower. Hero will destroy it.
So if developers remove that ruin it’ll fix that exploit i guess :wink:

As you say, behind the Snake Tower I can see a small ruin .
Is it like a bug like an afterimage? :shushing_face:
In the past, we have seen the same condition at the “Arrow Tower” at the festival. I think they were at the same position on a similar route.
01:00 Hammer strike on the snake tower in question
01:05 Changed to Advisor Guardian
Summon Archers Revelation Time Warp
01: 09Nemesis passes over the tower
01:17 Sonic Blast
01:32 Standing in front of the tower to prompt an attack but no response

I wouldn’t stick if I saw the same tower in a Conquest or Alliance match if I saw it as a bug, but it’s the same as hitting a stone with a wrong operation, so I want to improve it.


Okay. Let’s talk briefly.

This ghost bug tower is no longer interesting to meet.
Play with bugs only during the off-topic “fun bug introduction”.
Other games are banned from earning anything using bugs, which are immediately disabled. Let’s end this mischief. Zuzuking?

Yes. That’s what I mean.