tower completion time?

Need to know because it’s a bit confusing between some members. Some say the time listed isn’t correct, while others say time listed is correct. Please help.

Time for yellow tower says 9 hr 45 mins, time for green tower is 1 day. Which one finishes first?? If the times are correct, the yellow tower will finish first and claim the remote village. I know that the further a tower is placed from the stronghold the longer it takes to complete, but I believe that is factored into the completion time, or am I wrong? Need some advice for further building and planning. (sorry for the poor picture) Thanks :slight_smile:



Screenshot (23).png

Since the yellow team is gonna have their tower built first, they will get the remote village like you said. However, the reason is because the green team is farther away from the stronghold their tower will take longer to build

The further you build away from home, the higher the time needed to complete the building. Simple as that

Thanks, AK :slight_smile:  didn’t think I was wrong when I said the village belongs to the yellow team. Just to be clear, the time needed to complete the building is already factored into the completion time, right?



Yes ?

I think  it will be better that only generals can open finished towers.

In that way we could calculate more with our points and that will be more interesting

I agree … regular players should Not be allowed to expand towers. We have had trouble with this 2 conquest in a row!!

I thought only sergeant+ could upgrade towers?

As far as I know, that’s the case. And my original post wasn’t about who could upgrade and who couldn’t. It was a question of which tower would finish first ?

Nope, we have tested that in this conqest.

Everyone (leader,general, sergeant and soldier) can open/expand finished tower.

Yes, I think only leader and generals should he able to expand towers. Their expansion times could play a part in the strategy…

Madlen, can this thread get closed please? I received my answer and now it’s getting off topic. Thanks ??

Madlen…can you please close this thread? It was answered after the first 3 posts, and now it’s getting way off topic. Thanks!!! 

Closed per your request. Thank you :slight_smile: