Tower Damage Reduction

I have an idea where when towers are behind a barricade/blockade should have the damage dealt reduced(for the tower) when a spell like sonic blast hits both the barricade/blockade and the tower behind it. Just a small suggestion…

This should apply to all buildings behind a barricade/blockade including other barricades blockades and traps. +1

The exception is if a trap is in front because your king must stand on it to hit the next building.

hooray someone like an idea on mine(for once)…

I’ve liked your ideas before. Just not all of them  :grinning:


It’s an interesting idea, but since it is a magic spell and not, say, a grenade or a atomic bomb, I don’t think barriers of any sort would make a difference. Also, you would have to take into account when you attack things across the path, like a badly placed barricade. Would your sonic blast even do any damage to it?

no need to question this idea, you just have to agree with it

I’m not questioning it. And I’m not agreeing with it, either  :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this idea too! 

Atlas, I have a question for you - what level is your sonic blast? And do you realize how much this would weaken spells like swordrain and frost? This is, IMO, a BAD idea. You couldn’t kill archers or arblasters across a chokepoint with swordrain, or 2-hit a skull tower across the chokepoint with frost. Do you really think that this is a good idea, Atlas?

I wish I can mute you from my topics, if I had that kind of power all of those against me shall have no effect!

Sometimes I wish you would just answer my questions! :stuck_out_tongue:


I can live with Pyromanic, but I totally agree I want to mute (or kick) Nithin.vs!  :wink:


I think the spells are too powerful and the defenses are too weak.  I’m totally happy with this idea for the exact same reasons you don’t like it!

This is supposed to be a Tower DEFENSE game but as we all know there are no unbeatable bases. This would even out the balance between offense and defense as well as allow new path configurations as we mostly avoid placing buildings where they can all be annihilated at once.

I wish I can mute Maerique, we’re giving him too many ideas(that’s a bad thing)


Hey, I was just backing your ideas!

You’re going on my list!