Tower Evolutions

I think I’ve found the solution to the whole “Game conks off halfway through” problem.

My original thought was a basic “add more towers.” But there are a few problems with this:

  1. It makes older towers obsolete, which makes the rest of us feel like we’ve wasted our times.

  2. They’d be ridiculously expensive. One of the biggest complaints in RR2 is that it’s too hard to buy each high-level upgrade. More-expensive towers would make that problem even worse.

So then I thought… “Hey, how about Tower Evolutions?” Lots of games have a system whereby once a unit gets to max level, it can Evolve into a Lv.1 of something better. For example, Firebolt could evolve into Napalm Cannon, a tower that can shoot napalm onto the path to continuously burn enemies that pass over it (and napalm dissolves after a while, obviously). The reason why an Evolution system would help, is for 3 reasons:

  1. It keeps our current towers relevant! ^.^ I don’t have to feel like a fool for maxing my Firebolt just before Napalm Cannon is released.
  1. It gives players a step-by-step, incremental path towards obtaining the best towrers. As opposed to charging them, say, 10M per level, which would be stressful, you might charge an average of 4M per level during the Firebolt stage, and an average of 6M per level during the Napalm Cannon stage. Much less stressful! (:

  2. It would give players something to look forward to. Rather than allowing them to /but/ the new towers, they have to work for it. Kinda that carrot on the end of the stick, if you know what I mean.

  3. I forgot to mention this before, but since it requires you to max out older towers, that gives players the opportunity to build up older towers, which are more bang for the buck, and not have it go to waste. They can buy Firebolts, max them all, and then start Evolving them as they can afford to. This, again, goes back to the fact that it keeps older towers relevant.

If you want to go a step farther than that, you can Fusion Towers or Sacrificial Towers, as you might call them. Much as you had to sacrifice other monsters to summon Blue Eyes White Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh, these towers would require a sacrifice, or a mixing-together, of other max-level towers. For example, Firebolt + Skull Tower might make Napalm Cannon. Firebolt + Frost Tower (silly, I know) might make Iceshard Tower. Etc. This would make it more expensive to get the end-game towers, obviously, and would also encourage players to choose a variety of towers based on what they wanted in the end game. I personally prefer Evolution, simply because of how much more quickly it could be implemented, but this would be my idea of the perfect system to fix RR2.

Also, I’m not suggesting any new towers in particular, just saying that any new towers you add, should be an evolution of another tower (: In order to keep older towers relevant, to separate the costs into increments, and to give players something to strive for end-game.

Im down with something like this. I like how you tried to make it so it kept the old towers relavent. We should wait till all my towers are maxed before implimenting it tho =)

Flare, you should totally give me a job coding my ideas for you.

For ideas for new towers, just in case Flare wants to implement them, these are mine:

Firebolt + Skull Tower = Napalm Cannon

Firebolt + Frost Tower = Iceshard Tower

Skull Tower + Frost Tower = Snowball Cannon

Snake Tower + Frost Tower + Gargoyle Tower = Rainbow Jelly

Spikes + Blockade = Spockade. Blockade that is 25% resistant to Normal Damage, and slightly damages you as you’re up against it.

That’s all I can think of for now. Some of them are silly, I know, but I’ll mention them just in case you in need of tower ideas.

I don’t think anything is wrong with rr2

Although, now that I think of it, low-range towers + Skull Tower should just be [Element] Cannon, and low-range towers + Firebolt should just be [Element]bolt Tower. Having a problem with Arblasters? Venombolt Tower. Paladins? Sludge Cannon.

Of course, the units would have to given major upgrades to. Would be silly to upgrade the towers and leave units defenseless 0_0 So I think that this might be a long-term idea.

Haha, don’t worry, it’ll obviously have to still be more cost-effective to max the first stages than to level up the secondary stages

The idea of “add more levels to existing towers and let the magic happen there” instead of “throw away your old tower and build up a new one from scratch, making your old one completely useless”. 

As this suggestion goes into that direction, I like it.

One thing I worry about are combination/fusion towers where you merge 2 towers into one. First, if permanent, it’s pretty hard to change your base at a later point, and second, it would basically give you 1 new tower with the strength of 2 towers, meaning your base could get to double strength with 16 fusion instead of 16 regular towers. So that would have to be balanced somehow. 

I was thinking more like combining two towers would produce one maybe 50% more powerful. Kinda like how when you fuse 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons (3k Atk each) you get a Blue Eyes Ultimate with only 4.5k Atk. No way would it make sense to just have the strength of two towers, because that’d basically just be jamming two towers into one space xD

Lol, are you making a comparison to Yu-Gi-Oh?