Tower Location Swap

I am always tweaking my defense.  I think a good feature which would make life on here simpler would be when you drag a tower over top an existing tower that their locations would swap. 

Yeah a lots of idea like this was proposed in the past :

I will make a list of all demand we have ask about defense. To avoid others create the same demand

  1. Layout A,B,C,D,E to allow us to change tower without remove all. A life savior in time. Asked since before 3.0.0 last year. if I remember

2.Upgrade towers in the storage to avoid to weak base. A life savior again. Asked since 1 year or over.

3.Swap towers. To avoid to storage them one by one and take forever to rebuild defense. 1 year and over

4.Sell towers. No clue why someone should want this. Asked 1 year and over

5.Better informations about opponent who attack us. i have show somewhere to do like Olympus Rising and show where the king are dead. where the scrolls are used,etc… in the defense with some colors. Green for death, red for scolls,etc…

6.the view stop to be in diagonal who give us nausea. The view become like 99.9% of video games right in middles

7.Waves stop to be on the left or on the right when we arrange troops. Very annoying. Hope to see one day waves be in middle of the screen

and a ton of others. i don’t remember all of them