Tower or Army in front of Stronghold - what happens

Anyone ever have their stronghold attacked by another alliance, or had another alliance put up a tower on the tile just outside the entrance to the stronghold? If so what happened

I’m curious about this too, maybe Madlen or a dev can answer…

i will tell you soon… we are under attack and surrended by a alliance unfair and anti sportive who don’t let’s us do anything. So its just a question of time before they destroy us totally

You can move past people so I don’t think a tower would do anything more than make it cost lots of energy to leave your stronghold.

Hi IrishLady911,

the Stronghold cannot be attacked.

Depending on the energy it would take to move and free fields (without mountains etc) you can just move past the tower. If you have however an entire army in front of your Stronghold or as many towers sitting on all free fields that you could move to in front of the Stronghold- and it is not possible to move past them anymore, you would declare a war.

On a side note :slight_smile: I have also edited the title of your thread because the headline did not give away what the topic is about. :slight_smile:

This is what the map looks like for days already and yet till end of season. All that is caused by a much higher leveled alliance (level 70 against others of level 30 and almost 50) placed on our map by Flare’s matchmaking algorithm and that the dominating alliance plays unfair and destructive. We cannot win a single fight against any of their about 20-30 levels higher players. They’ve destroyed other alliances towers down to 0 points and constructed only up to 185 points, to ensure gaining all bonus rewards and boosts but remaining in same tier for next conquest to do the same procedure then again.

exactly in the same situation. Very disapointing not able to do anything :slightly_frowning_face:

Same situation . What a horrible event

Did you never participated in a common war and lost all your fiefdoms? I think it’s the same situation. Conquest ist only too long

I agree with you. Having Conquests as an eight day event just extends the futility (or domination). Once it gets cut to 5 days, it will be like wars. Sure, you win some and you lose some but it’s over quickly either way.

There is one difference though. They cannot do this very often in war, because they gain more fiefdoms. 

And you don’t have to pay alliance gold for all the towers they destroy 

And we atleast get looser chests for the 3 wars u last.  So in wars being shut down in 2 days is not so painful.  Here.  Completely  at the mercy of the bully.  If u below 50 points that u scored and back to 0,  u get almost nothing after 8 days of torture

Okay. I also don’t like to spent alliance gold in conquest. For me all those prices are ridiculous, especially the alliancebuildings. In my alliance there was only one alliance subscription over the last month’s. It was me and I won’t do it again. All of us should be clever enough to not spent real money for Investments in this game which are not durable. 

Oh… I do not spend real money… Just we are spending alliance upgrade money for towers destroyed by enemies that are no where near our level. Team we faced,  only 4 of my players could beat anyone on the team.