Tower status

It would be very helpful if someone knew all the stats and gold for feeling towers, troops, spells etc.

For leveling*

There’re some Royal Revolt Wiki.

Royal Revolt 2 Wiki

Royal Revolt 2 Wiki

@zoname that’s helpful but I meant a list of the stats of all the towers troops and spells; I want to know their cost and their attributes for every level.


They have list of HP/Attack Type/Damage/Weakness/Cost/Building Time of each Tower/ Spell/ Troop of each level, haven’t they? Not complete though.

I don’t think anybody will have more clomplete info than those link. (Exclude Flare)


So, What do you want? compare list?

I didn’t see the hp just descriptions n weaknesses/strengths

Has stat table, isn’t it?

This wiki has short cut table to see other Troops/Towers/Spells.