tower upgrade kit

atm i build new towers … this takes a long time when you start at level 1 …

i believe the high level players miss a upgrade kit … to upgrade more then one level at the same time…

that pack can be more expensive then gerneral … and takes a bit less time to build …


Um… An upgrade kit sounds interesting  :slight_smile:

This doesn’t work for at least one reason. I’ll give the one reason that I can come up with. The max gold right now is 15M, so if you could bundle upgrades, it would really only be useful for levels 1 and 2, or maybe 1 through 3. Other than that, the gold needed is over 15M. Of course, they could move up the gold limit with another Treasure Chamber level, but it would need to be moved up by another 10M or at least 5M to make this idea even remotely useful. While this does sounds like a fun idea, it just wouldn’t work that well

you are right we need a higher gold chamber 20million or so … but i think this is the next step bc now we paid 2x15millions for upgrades

I agree, it’s been long asked that we get more storage for our gold. Getting maxed out at 15M is horrible when tower, spell, wave, and troop costs reach those numbers at higher levels, making it very hard to get a lot done without spending tons of gems on workers

yes it takes a long time to build all …i’m happy that i only need 3 waves to max ?

Lol, believe me, man, I’m far from maxed waves lol :stuck_out_tongue: