Tower wrong colors

Each new update. Bring more and more bugs. Some of you remember Dragon with wrong colors. Now its similar but with tower

Tower whatever their level. they are all now in White. Same tower level 13-15,etc…There is no more different colors. They are all white

Its not the end of the world but still a bit annoying not see my towers black anymore

I think it’s intended. They have asked for opinion about colour grading. 


Not that I care much about them being dark or not, since it’s only a matter of habit and it becomes useless when we hit a certain trophy range, but…

Was this ever an announced change @KamakshyaP?

I don’t remember seeing such announcement and if it wasn’t… Well, it’s a bug.

Hi Warriornator,

Thanks for showing that to us. We’ve checked it and, indeed, the wrong colors are shown in the info screen of the towers now. However, in all other menus and in battle the colors are still correct. ?  The issue has been added to our database.

Hey you are right… Actually i was not sure. 

Previously in many updates we have seen some hidden addons which were missing from announcement patch notes. So i thought it is something like that. My assumption got solid when i saw the feedback thread about it. 

Anyway sorry for any trouble caused by this thing ?


as said by Sasch we have not removed the feature without announcing it, it is a bug :grinning:

No problem man. No confusion at all :grinning: