Towers Damage reduced to Low level, anyone know why?

Hi friends, do anyone know why they reduced the towers damage to very low level?

I had my firebolt tower in level 10 with damage above 1200,  but now my firebolt tower shows damage of 349 in level 10, i don’t know why, but it’s not fair  

If anyone know why they did it like this, please reply?

^^ the damage viewed is changes from damage per second to damage per hit. So you 349 is the damage per hit while 1200 was the damage per sec.

Thanks for the reply Titanks10     :slight_smile:

But are u sure about that cause i am very very much disappointed and shocked seeing that, cause all this time playing will be waste if what u r saying is not true.

So kindly please reply, are u sure? :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s it. Look at the topic in the official announcements forums.

Thanks a lot for the reply Titanka10  :slight_smile:

It really helped a lot and relieved of my worry about loss of all the hardwork.

Thanks again :slight_smile: