Towers near the gate and AI

I keep facing the issue where towers near the gate are being ignored by my units.

I know i can call them to charge with me, but it doesn’t last long enough to clear both sides.

When the charge is over my units will go back to killing the castle gate, which can result in it beying destroyed before i was able to clear all the towers, making me unable to earn 3 crowns.


Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

A good technique most players use is first sending your king alone to rush a tower with a spell, then using scream to keep out your units from touching the Castle Gate, and finally rush to the other side with another spell (Blizzard for Skull Towers and Sonic Blast for the rest is recommended).

I don’t have those spells yet, but i just unlocked 3rd spell slot.

Having the fireball now helps, but its still rough to kill the towers there before my units kill the gate.

Send your king alone? maybe if you face a low Castle Gate with a low player. Don’t work with very high Castle gate or you die in 2 seconds

I need units to clear the path so i always have them with me in the end, i can try to rush to the towers but if there are too many it can take too long.


Can i tell my units to stop moving somehow?

you cannot tell them to stop but you can use Scream and your units follow you for 5 seconds

Cannons are best for such a situations coz they destroy the towers in 1-2 hits. First attack use scream to attack on tower and attack the send with a spell (Sonic Blast is the best). If you have enough health (or if you have heal spell or shield) you can try going alone with your king as karman said. I do the same, frst going ahead of the king destroy the towers with my blade and SB and use heal to restore my health before I die.


My king is strong enough, I raid people over between 4200-4700 trophies and I can always survive their Castle Gate attacks…

Cannons start destroying the gate before the towers come into range if they are right beside the gate. That’s only helpful if they’re in the other corners further away.

Players should learn to take advantage of the run forward technique. The gate definitely won’t kill you and neither do the defending troops, if you are careful, you can always use heal or shield your hero when troops pop out. What Karman said, I use this technique already for a very long time. Run forward technique not only helps with the gate, combined with mummy and/or bladestorm this is a devastating technique to clear choke points fast.

Before the raid starts, remember the spots inside the casle gate area where towers are placed. Worst case is on both sides and then you definitely have to use the run forward/scream technique. When you are approaching the area close to the castle gate, make sure sonic blast is ready to use and check time left. Around 25 seconds will do.

Run to the right or left side first. I prefer right side, but that’s just a matter of fixed pattern I use. When you are close to the first tower in the gate area and there are two close together, make sure you are exactly between them. Activate sonic blast there. Make sure you don’t hit the castle gate, unless you have not a lot of time left. run backwards and leave the castle area. Troops should not be in that area yet. Scream and hold your troops there, even when defending troops are coming, use shield or heal to keep them alive. When troops start to move again, go immediately to the side where the towers still need to be whiped out. There activate sonic blast and make sure you hit the gate this time. Use the other offensive spell to do damage to defending troops plus castle gate.

I don’t have sonic blast yet but i’ll try to keep my units back with scream.

Does it affect dragons though?

When i get a dragon the gate is down in seconds.

Playerme, welcome to the club.

Those players think that if anyone beats them only 98%, it makes them feel undefietable. Hehehe. Actually, they can’t lose with honor. At recesses for sure, but even at wartimes, those 7-13 missing skulls you usually get compensated for them by 97-100 skulls in the CoF.

Have opened a special thread for this. Called “Cowards”.

To my opinion - If someone succeeds to beat my base, he deserves 100%. Peace or wartime. He has rightfully earned all the skulls and/or gold.

Oh my god… I’m in trouble with the top players again… Please do keep your towers at the gate, just don’t crucify my soul… :slight_smile: Mercy… Mercy…



Yes, you and your alli deserve some medals for being the “brave” ones  :rolleyes: It’s a good thing that you’re not a competitive player since you clearly have no idea how the war is played at the top, any top alli that have you will have a high chance of losing. Don’t worry, no top players will crucify you, they are happy that you stay unaware at low level  ^_^

Correction: We do know how wars are at the top and that’s exactly why we don’t want to be there. And don’t try to tell me that I’m weak and no high alliance would want me either, because I’ve helped high alliances at war before and they can back me up.

oh good more drama

Lol, Gypsy likes soap operas and reality shows, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:  

Actually Caki, I must admit you are right. For me, it’s too easy to talk this way. I know that you guys count every skull during the seasons and every trick goes. Even not a decent one. This is the reason, by the way, you have never seen me fighting in a top alliance, even though my king level and skills are high enough. Believe me, it’s not because I was not invited. It was a choice made a long time ago.

Towers at the gate is just a small really insignificant issue here. Just a trick that will make some to scroll, cause they need to win every skull for their alliance, or the war will be lost because of them.

There are around 1-2 thousands top players in this game and the rest 250,000 are looking at them and trying to learn about tactics and skills of this game. Most of them want to be there eventually. So, the top players, even without thinking of it, are an example and model for tens and hundreds of thousands of other players.

Now, frankly, is this the right model? You know better than me, cause you see it every day from the inside. Dirty tricks between alliances. Some are very low. Grinding and cash + time spending is a must etc. etc.

Please look down there. See players at low levels. Look at what have they learned so far by copying the top players strategies. You will be surprised to see incredibly badly planned bases, towers and waves, but… 2 towers at the gate. Wow… This is the heritage of the top players to the new ones.



Love you Gypsy :wub: :wub: :wub: :slight_smile:

@ ed your clan is not a good role model…you do not play to win …you do not strive to be the best…you lanqish in your low ranking because of of high principles…haha …you put down the achievers and pretend its only because you r free player…sorry but games are meant to be won

Games are meant to be enjoyed and have fun… But well, who doesn’t like to win? :stuck_out_tongue: