Towers, troops, main buildings

I wonder why can’t we upgrade like 2 or 3 defenses once as long as we have the required money why one ??! Why you slow us down and as the same for troops why I only upgrade 1 troops and wait like 1 or 2 day to upgrade another one why can’t I do 2 or 3 once and skills as well !!! 
And about offers …you guys got the worse offers ever ! What am I going to do with online game play !! Plus I don’t get paid , why don’t you just put " download and run " game or applications…
Thank you for your time I hope you listen to me because it’s quite annoying to wait …

If we could upgrade at the same time as many spells/units/waves/buildings we want, probably some players would finish everything in a few days, then get bored and quit the game. Waiting times helps the company secure long-term users.

Also, you can always use gems to speed up anything you want, and now that’s how they get money from you.

Clearly the creators of the game need to get some kind of revenue from it. Flare seems to be very greedy, but that’s a different topic. There you have the answer for what you asked :slight_smile:

You seem to be a new player, given your upgrade times  :grinning:

Just for you so you know what to expect: tomorrow, after almost exactly 11 months of playing RR2,
i will have every troop maxed. Only the last levels of the monsters are missing, but you can’t upgrade
them in the troop academy anyway. I always put high priority on troops, spells and waves. Constant
upgrading with no idle time :grinning:  The  waves will take even longer, about 1.5 years minimum :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok can you tell me what is the max lvl for buildings and towers and troops ? 

Seaech the RR2 wiki, all info are there