Toxic Cloud Slow Forging

Is the max 3.9 seconds after forging the 0.01s+ down all the way to 0.00s+?

I assume I should save my pearls since I’ve reached 0.00s per forge, and it’s literally zero, rather than something rounded down like 0.004s?

Thank you for any input.

You keep forging it, but indeed lower than 0.01 due to rounding.

If it is still worth the pearls is another thing…

4 seconds is max, but everything after 3.9 seconds is waste of time and pearls

Better focus on cooldown after this.

According to Wikia, these are max forgings stats for Toxic Cloud:

( “Enlarge image”)

But you need around 30 forgings to have 3,9 slowdown, and exact 56 forgings just to make it show 4,0

It’s a waste to invest so much on a 0,1s increase. When you reach 3,9 just start forging other perks