Toxic IGNs

We have a new member in Last Bread Fighters with a very annoying german name.
Most of our members feel offended by having someone with such an ugly name on the team.

We asked him to change it, but he said it was not possible any more and he already asked Flare to change it. Flare said they would not help him.

Now I remember we once complained about some Nazi names and Flare changed them very quickly.

Should the non-toxicness not be valid for IGNs? Please grant him another change or give him another name which is what he wants. Otherwise, out of respect for our other players we probably have to kick him and another Alliance will face the same problem.

His name is Froschf*t*e (meaning Frog V*gina) and currently is in LAST BREAD FIGHTERS.


I can only second the request as he was with us before he joined LBF and I know the story behind. He even wanted to pay for an additonal Name change but support denied it.

Didn’t he know the meaning of his new IGN before changing it?

To make a Long story short: his first one wasn’t much better, after he joined an alliance they ignored him in chat so he thought it was clever to change it to something provocative so they will notice him. Unfortunately there is no way to make this undone …

I think if he really want to change it now and keep a good ign he should contact support team ASAP.

That is what he already tried…

Hello, thanks for letting me know. I will forward this issue. I cannot promise any movement on this today anymore though. I will most likely not be able to answer the update in this thread here though for data protection law reasons. But I have forwarded this case now to the responsible department.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Froschpfote! Hilarious! (meaning Frog Paw)

Thank you ???

Sounds about the same, but sooooo cute now! ?