tracking list for suggestions

hello madlen,

as you know @Tomaxo is maintaining a tracking list of suggestions that have been implemented (

would it be possible to create and maintain a similar tracking list for suggestions that have been made and that are under revision or on their way to implementation from FG (maybe with a priority index)? i know it is some work and may create pressure to FG (what should not be the reason for the list), but it would be so nice to have an overview and links to the suggestions that are accepted (with an estimated time of arival), in revision (with a priority index) or have been declined.


This seems to be the kind of thing that’s an RR2 forums exclusive.

Hi NaN,

it would be pretty time-intensive for now, so not feasible on my side, but I will try to give more feedback on ideas. You can trust me that I forward every idea and ask for feedback though, so I will let you know once I have it!

And even there the day does not have enough hours! ?


Want me to bug Pete to get you an assistant?

I wanted that long ago:

It could be organized by subfolders or tags, but I understand that would be a lot of work between Madlen and the devs.

I can help with table formatting/tracker list if needed.