Just wondering what peoples thoughts on having a trader are? so as to trade items, not gold, either between alliance members or open to all. Trade price is set by the individual,its up to you whether it is worth what’s being asked. Gold should not a tradable commodity!!


trading items will probably never be implemented, as high-lvl players could cheaply sell their old gear to low-lvl alliance members to support them with stuff they would never be able to get on their lvl normally… as you can just visit a different alliance temporarily, anyone could participate even if trade only is possible for alliance members… 


Moved to suggestions. 

In a recent post about this i suggest to put a limit level in gears so lower lever can’t wear it until you reach that determinate level.

Trading between ally members sounds good

Either Opelle’s idea, or an alternative: Ability to level-up an item.

For example, say that you really like Wind Boots, but yours are from like 20 levels ago. You should have the option to buy current-level wind boots of the exact same model. It still costs the same as buying a new item; there is no pro-rating, but it would allow players not to have to forfeit their favorite gear types just for being of an older model.

instead of trading items I suggest to level up your existing hero gears for example if I have a cape with leadership 1000 and then I bought a cape with leadership of 800 and gold boost of 5% ,then breaking the new gear I should get two items 1 with leadership boost of 400 and gold boost of 3% after which I can choose what boost I want my cape with, cape = leadership: 1000,  leadership boost: 400 or leadership: 1000 gold boost: 3%