Trading between Alliances and general players

I would like to know your opinion on a new trading system (like opening a shop) in the castle.

Here at this shop one can trade between the alliance members and also general players.


There could few slots for purchase and buying of items.


Alliance members can sell towers and other useful items to their members. You can purchase high quality upgraded towers at a cost set up by devs.

Other general players can have other items.


This could be a great addition to the game.  


What do you think? Will this create more interest in the game?

I think the idea is nice in theory, but in reality this does not work and I hope you understand it.


First, items rarity depends on hero level. Your proposal means that a high level player could arrange high level items for others and sell it to them. Lower players would get items that they should not have at their current trophy range. Okay, there could be some constraint that degrades the item to max level of what a player max can get. Even with that extra rule a team could search for a single member for an item he wants and sell it to him. Just make a wish list and others can search for you. As a side effect, less gems would be needed at grannies, more people simply means finding an item you want gets more easy. You have to invest gems and gold to get those items by yourself and maybe spending extra gems to get a chance at even better items at grannies.


Selling items also has some unwanted side effects. When we need gold, we already have the option to sell those items for 10% back to grannies. Flare doesn’t want teamwork for collecting loot for upgrades and also not for getting good items very easily without having to invest a lot of gold/gems.


Buildings are created by workers that you need to spend gems for to getting them available. Less workers simply means you need to wait longer before you can upgrade, more workers means possibility to build things in parallel, losing less time and speeding up the strength of offense and defense. Every upgrade of a tower costs gold and a lot of time to upgrade a building to max, plus several treasure rooms full of gold. What price do you think someone has to pay for a max tower, besides the time he saves that he otherwhise would need to do it by himself? When you start to upgrade a tower, the game offers you a high price in gems to complete just that level. To upgrade one skull tower to level 9, take the sum in gems to save waiting time plus the sum in gold needed to max it. I think that is a very high price in gems and gold. So this will not likely be implemented.


Items plus buildings need to be improved by individual players. You have to invest for those upgrades by spending gold and gems(cash) at grannies to get items and also invest a lot of time (or cash) to be able to upgrade towers, spells, troops and so on. If you want maxed towers and don’t want to wait, you can get them for spending tons of cash.


Top players probably invested lots of cash to get a maxed base. It would be unfair towards them if others could reach the same by teamwork. If you want better items, troops, towers or spells, either be prepared to invest a lot of time to get the gold by raids, spend cash for extra workers to reach the top and if not, then you need to be patient.

Thanks Dena4 for the reply. Yes, I do understand the constraints. Well then what about the 2 options:


  1. Having food items for purchase among alliance members… guess that reduces the Flares revenue


  1. Having useless towers and traps to be sold back to the blacksmith.



1 -> You answered the question yourself. Excellent, couldn’t have said it better.

2 -> I would indeed like to see it, but I guess that’s why flare introduced season boosts.


We are forced to invest in other troops, towers, traps (and maybe spells) in the future. Most times we don’t maximize all kind of towers and definitely don’t have a lot of towers of one type. Take for example the mortar. There are a lot of players (including myself), who only have a very low level of that troop. By making that a season boost, some players will start to improve that troop at any cost, fearing that they can’t profit optimal from that season boost. And since some season boosts already returned, it forces us to invest in all kind of troops, towers and so on. For towers, traps and barricades it even goes further, you need several of them (read, not only one!) with high level to profit from to season boost.


When people should realize they only profit 3-7 days from that season boost, they would not waste the time in upgrading those season boosts, but stick to original plan and upgrading/maxing their base. It’s better to do on long term thinking, but Flare tries to seduce us to think on short-term. Top players are froced to create a lot of those towers and troops to profit from those season boosts, so for example this time we got frost tower. When you don’t have it as a top player, some will create new ones and spend gems to max some of them. To profit max from them, you should have at least 7+ max towers. For most players this is undoable, but for top players who are willing to spend cash or those who have the gems, that is no problem.


So selling buildings from the point of view of Flare, is undesirable, they can get more cash from players upgrading them for war season reasons. When you have some of them, you might be tempted to upgrade them, just for the season boost. When you sold them, why would you ever think on building them again?

Yes, true… It’s all about money honey!


Well, a lot needs to be improved. Maybe that’s why they are checking the Olympus Rising game. Everything same as RR2, but with different characters and a Greek background.




You are welcome.