Trading Items

I think there should be a way to give items to your friends / Guild members in exchange for another item. Eg. Sword for a Ring.

Well since you’re suggesting its between guild members only then maybe yes

lv 1 and 20.000 heal 

To solve the problem add a requirement   level on the Equipment items, so lvl 1 not going to have a lot of health.

Yeah, let’s say that users can only trade with people at the same level as them, or 1 above their level.

If this happens, flare stands to lose money

Ye there should be a market where you can sell your old rare items, not only for your friends, but global thing imo. That way you can get some extra money from the good rare items which you are not using anymore instead of simply selling them to the granny.


i had this idea a while back but got little support its also mentioned in abors list of possible improvements to the game it just needs to be balanced

Hmm… what resources should be used for trading those items?


I mean, some gem price based on X% of the original (gem price) and those p2p (player to player) trades always involve gems, that will

  1. make the game more p2p (pay to play) as paygamers can just pick out the best offers available for their levels at any time and

  2. increase options for transferring gems between accounts for real life money. 


Gold might be a bit more “p2p-proof” but also be a lot more difficult as gold can be plundered/treasury full, etc, unless gold from item trades first goes to a separate (safe) storage - which would then probably lead to spamming trade offers to move regular treasure chamber gold to that safe storage… so probably you’d need a limit of X trades/day where X is relatively low.



And then if it (as it would of course have to be!) is closely limited by level, I’m not that sure how useful it would be - I wouldn’t spend a lot of gems on items not considerably better than those I already have at my level.



Also, if the prices are too cheap, granny offers might just become useless except for top players due to cheaper and better offers being available all time from other players, while too expensive prices might have a big impact on the overall gem economy in the game.

What I meant, was that users can only trade for items, not for gems/coins/pearls, for example Dusty Sword for Lion Ring.

A whole market system maybe? Where you can offer your items and price them, could be pearls,money,gems or even another item. Also you decide for the amount, and players choose the cheapest or the best deals.

Also you can’t buy an item which is WAY better than your level, for the sake of balance. 


Oops, quite misunderstood that, then! :wink:

Well… I don’t think this is gonna happen. See who voted for a NO.

Hint: It’s Jona


When he would be definitely sure this won’t ever happen, I guess he might have told that by posting a reply. :grinning:


Either way, I guess this is nothing for near future, as I see it.

i agree this could (and would) pose major problems as low level players would get equipment way above them, making them too powerful. When you trade objects it should be trading as the color object it is (if a lv 60 gives a green ring to lv 40 player, the lv 40 player should receive a ring that is green for lv 40, not 60)

Well… that’s when you should think ahead, add a level system were people can only trade with other people at their own level, like for example; GravityLensXD (Level 30) can only trade with people in his alliance at level 30.

but then u could only trade with a handful of people

True… restricting trading by level AND by alliance might be too harsh, so either only limit by level, or limit by item level, I’d say.




Then maybe it should be global trading, were anyone can trade at their level to any player online, or even request trades to specific players who are offline so they receive a notification as soon as they go Online.