Question for developers: is in your next plans to make a trading system between the alliance members or between all the members…?

This would be interesting and would be cool to see

as far as trading gear I’m not sure that will happen as high level players would just give old equipment to lower alliances members thus reducing the need to spend $ for top notch gear at low levels. This game is already to expensive to play but I’m trying to come at it from a dev point of view

i could see resource trading though, or just give the option to transfer resources to alliance members


good idea

I support this idea. Either trade post or Alliance donation pool, where we can donate Ambrosia and Wisdom

Trading item could be cool, item must have an prerequisite ascension level to be used ofc.



Trading items in exchange for another item or resources would be great. If we can also let other players bid on it.

Have an auction house ??

Cool idea!  :slight_smile:

oBay … gg

Why not , lets try :slight_smile:

I used to play another game few yrs back I liked it very much. Just a suggestion from that game. How about a market place for items. We should be lucky to get good items for our heros. But not everyone is lucky to get good items and we should keep waiting… 

i wanted to upgrade Helen and I keep getting good items for Hercules and that is not useful for me let me choose what I need and how much I need to pay gold or gems or both that’s a good deal.

just a suggestion think over it.

Hello! Why not make the game auction between players, where you can buy weapons, etc … thereby adding limit for lvl. I suggest also to add storage to the unions, I think it would increase the status of the unions.

по-русски тут не ответят никогда, переведи на английский, хотя бы через это


I think it would be great to have a market where we could trade gear among alliance members. A lot of us have resources piled up and can not do anything with it, bonus chests are wasted, it is just irritating. Because of the long construction/upgrade time, resources are filling back in a rapid pace, so would be nice to be able to spend them elsewhere.

Not to mention we could help our fellow members within the allince to equip heroes with better items. 

There is still a lot of empty space on Mount Olympus covered with grass…?


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I see several people taking rare items for heroes who do not play. So (In my opinion) would be good to use an exchange market, not exchanging item for gold and yes for gems. And more, a private chat so that I can communicate with another person from another Alliance.

Top players stay interested and engaged to get unique items.  We try to get titan chests to find that unique item. What if you can trade unique items?  For example, I get lucky and get unique Ajax item. I don’t use Ajax but do use Odysseus a lot. What if I could trade my unique Ajax for a unique Odysseus item?  But it can’t be that easy. Here is my idea. 

You can trade a unique for a unique only. To trade must be level 113 or higher.  Also each player in trade is charged a 300 gem tax.  Plus only one trade allowed per month (maybe a cap of total trades per year).  

If you want to go “nuts” make it an auction.  I put my unique up for bid and players bid gems (with 35 percent going to FG). 


hey, this is the Royal Revolt 2 forum, you should place this in the Olympus Rising forum

It would be really cool if members of the same alliance could trade or borrow items!

what do you guys think?

Здание “Рынок” в котором можно выставить на продажу и купить вещи героев за золото, мудрость и рубины. Для этого введите уровни вещей, чтобы игроку 50 уровня на рынке видно было вещи не выше своего уровня. У кого 2 одинаковые уникальные вещи смогут лишнюю выставить на продажу за рубины. Думаю многие захотят купить такие вещи и вложат реальные деньги на покупку рубинов. Кому нужна мудрость или золото тот сможет выставить свою вещь за мудрость или золото. 

не думаю, что они понимают по-русски :slight_smile:


переведи хотя бы автоматическим переводчиком, так читать разработчики не станут

  1. Разработчики и правда не понимают, потому в идеале перевести хоть бы и гуглом. Читать, к слову, станут, но поймут только общий смысл.

  2. Такая идея уже неоднократно предлагалась, потому я скоро соединю эту тему с остальными. Пока рынка нет, в основном в силу того, что его можно использовать для махинаций, но, возможно, после 4.1 можно будет им напомнить (Это я точно сделаю).