Training Camp

Hi guys.

I’m coming up with an idea.

What if we could have a training camp where we could level up our heroes…? Sort of upgrading with gold/books (and not the only option with gems). I’m saying this coz I’m sure that most of you out there have left weaker heroes still untrained, parked in islands and rarely used, maybe just doing Odyssey challenges. Could this be useful for all ascension levels? 

P.s if we get 50k of Xp per single fight…what if we could pay 100k of gold to get them?

I actually enjoy the idea. Some heroes (Yes, Ajax and Prometheus, I mean you) are downright crap and take many gems and nerves to level if you are a newbie leveled 90+ in a smaller alliance. Training camp would help me to make them, hopefully, great again.

good idea. I just lose right now -21 trophy ( fail 2 time in a row) with Athena because I have try to give her his level 11. Odyssey give Exp but not enough. A training Camp where you spend gold or wisdom to give them EXP. Maybe some quest or daily quest to do there. Good idea

Liked the idea very much. Training camp can be our alliance members too. And it can suit well, training is the preperation step for the real battle, and training is made between friends. When testing our alliance friend, we can earn xp, and nothing else… 

I think it’ a good idea too…i have 2 heroes ranked 20 (Hercules and Perseus) who do all the heavy lifting. Rest just farm resources off islands. 

Ajax and Prometheus are so average I don’ even use them anymore.

Bad idea … as everyone will use speed up auto play and level up each hero within 1-2 days …

I didn’t found a hero who is crap or not capiable to reach lvl 20 every hero is good … All you need is to attack on right islands with right hero …Each different and so as the heroes … 

And Ajax and Prometheus are Great … Prometheus I use as my war hero …and can go 8/9 Skulls on harbour …

Where is CaptainMorgan? I don’t see him post since 1 week? he don’t have answer many topic. Maybe like someone have say probably he is busy like hell to work on 3.9.0 or something else. Just curious of what he thinking of this idea?

NAPC, Thanks in the name of those that don`t know how to do it.

Personally speaking, all my heroes are level 20, except 2, Achilles 19 and Artemis. Whenever I`ll make time for them, I will… 

I made this topic since I`ve seen a lot of ppl that still struggle improving their heroes, so a “training camp” could give them a hand and enjoy those heroes more. This simple, no need to go into a paranoia about exploiting the game etc.


@Neptune just telling what mistake are they making on lvling up there heroes…?