Tranquil Night - Recruitment

Tranquil Night is a new alliance started by me (a new player). Joining is first come first serve. Rules: 1. Join. It’s open so get in here! 2. Inactivity will be kicked unless a time frame of inactivity is stated before hand 3. Donations aren’t required as of now, but may be changed later. 4. Make an effort to be active in chat. You won’t get kicked if you don’t but I always love conversation. 5. I would like to join as many wars as possible so be active in wars 6. Sorry to do this, but English speaking only. Details Elite Boosts will work on a vote system to maintain order Members: 6/11 Level 6 Gold boost: 7% (working to raise this) Planning on a steam or facebook group. Possibly a channel in a shared Team speak. Come join in! I want more people to talk to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally getting more members. Updates will be added above