Transfer account across multiple platforms

Hi, I’m currently playing “royal revolt 2” on windows 8.1. I want to transfer my account to my android smartphone so that i can play on both devices with the same account . I found the settings.dat file in windows 8.1 but the problem is i cannot use it on android. If this feature is available then plz help me otherwise plz work on this feature so that we can play on each device with the same account.   

Already suggest but currently impossible to do it. Sorry.

You can only play on 1 account at a time. So if you wanted you could have it all transfered to the andriod phone but I believe that means you would not be able to play on the windows 8 anymore. To transfer accounts you need to contact support and verify all your details.

IT’s easy

Hayat güzel

My Windows phone died and I replaced it with an android. I submitted a request to recover my game, answered a bunch of questions and after a week or so I was back up and running.