Transfer account guide - updated



As you may have noticed, a new feature has been implemented in the game.

From now on, you can transfer your account from one device to another.

The transfer is possible from and to any kind of device.

For example, you can totally transfer your account from Android to Windows 8.1 PC if you wish, etc.


In order to transfer your account successfully, please follow the next steps:


Go to the Settings.

Click on " Transfer account".


8 - Q8Ry1ct.jpg


You can choose between two options:

  • Transferring the account to another device
  • Transferring the account from another device

7 - zg0jQWl.jpg



If you want to transfer your account to another device, please proceed as following:

  • Click on " Transfer this account to another device"

4 - LoAosoa.jpg


  • A new window will appear with a code:

6 - GQsZFwO.jpg


This code is valid for 60 seconds.

  • On the device you want to transfer the account to, click on " Overwrite this account with a different one"

3 - Rt3lfzC.jpg


  • A new window will appear where you can type in the code:

5 - ViQSegM.jpg



Please keep in mind you only have 60 seconds to type in the code provided by your other device.


  • Once the code has been entered and you click on " Confirm", a new window appears on each of your devices:
  • For the device you want to transfer your account from :

1 - KIkYPwv.jpg


  • For the device you want to transfer your account to :

2 - ZFmC6Yn.jpg


Your game will restart and your account will be available on your other device.


Please keep in mind the amount of transfers is limited to   1 every 360 days.

If you try to transfer your account more than 1 time every 360 days , you will get disconnected and your account will not be transferred.

Be careful when you transfer your account as it can NOT be reverted and the overwritten account can NOT be restored.

Please also note the overwritten account will be replaced by the transferred account on all devices it is on.

Please note that we cannot not manually transfer your account in the meanwhile.


Please note that your account will remain available on your previous device as stated here: Security reminder about transferred accounts


Edit1: added new once-per-year transfer restrictions

Nice. So i can Play my Accound at my Windows 10 Desktop and on my Windows Phone alternately? So i can Switch every Minute if i want?

Once an account is “overwritten”, is there a way to get back this overwritten account? I think that I just lost my dummy account by playing around, which is “fine”, but this sounds more critical when it’s a real account.

Hey :slight_smile:


Please be careful when you transfer your account.

The overwritten account will be lost.

I already tried this, works perfectly, now I have my account in both my Windows 8.1 PC and Windows Phone and they’re completely sync’ed  :wink:

Just to clarify, please, if I transfer my account from, say, my Windows tablet to my Windows phone, will the two devices constantly run in synch; thereby allowing me to play from either device? Thank you.

Great feature!

Hi Aether! A question for you:


I currently have my acount on 2 ios devices synched via game center and another acount on windows 8 desktop. Can I import the win8 acount into one of the ios devices without loosing my account on the other ios device? They wont be synched anymore, should I turn off the cloud in order to do this? 



Any overwritten account being replaced by the transferred account on all the devices it is on, I would recommend you to start a new account on the iOS device you want to use to transfer your account.

This way, your other device should still be able to use the same account.


Also if you got the account on two devices, you can play from both of them.

However, I noticed if you play on both at the same time, when you talk on the alliance chat with one by example, and if people answer, you may not see it on the other.



Sounds great but I would like to be 100% sure so lets make an example.


I currently have one account only and it is on my Ipad. I don’t bring my ipad with me when I go out (as I do with my phone) so I would like to transfer the Ipad account to the phone and still be able to play on both (actually I would keep playing on Ipad and use the phone only for collecting food from farms).


Can I do this safely without risking to mess up my account?


thank you

I think it works like that Giovanni. Before that feature I transferred my account from windows pc to my phone with android and I can play on both devices, there’s no problem.



Yes you can do so, there shouldn’t be any problem :slight_smile:

I currently play on both my computer and my phone and never encountered any troubles.

Excuse me, I played Royal Revolt 2 long time ago.

And my old mobile already got factory reset.

Now, I want to tranfer my old lost data to new mobile, what should I do?

Do you still remember some infos like your in-game name, Hero level, how many gems did you have, buildings level, etc; if yes support will be able to recover your accoun in the most easy way, otherwise will take more time to recover it.

However i link you the site where you can contact Support Team: 

Select as issue “i want to transfer my account”. Start a new game, do the tutorial, give a new name to the king, then write in the description of the support your old in-game name and the new name, and Support Team will transfer your account.


Thank a lot!

flare support please help me to tranfer my old account to the new one my was stolen so i cant access to the old account


King name is GABACHON


New king name is gabachon2



Hi guevarache21,


please in order to have back all your data from your old account you have to contact the support telling them your problem. Here is the link:


Thanks for understanding.

Btw, I’m locking this thread for now. Because this is a guide, a list of instructions and hints for people to keep in mind.


This is not a bug report or technical help thread, and there’s a dedicated section in the forum for those things, as well as the official flaregames support site that oPelle already mentioned above.

So for technical help, post where it belongs. 



Hey everyone,


Short reminder: You can only transfer your account twice in 28 days.

Please note the support will NOT transfer your account meanwhile.