Transfer Account Request Not Needed?

As per Aether’s post here:

It appears that we do not need to request an account transfer to play on more than one device. This means the 28 day transfer limit can be avoided as long as you link to your Google account and presumably your Windows account.

Has anyone tested this yet?

For Android:


Yes, you can add your Google account to every other Android device and then play the same king everywhere.

You can select the account, with which you want to play, so e.g. the whole family can play on one Android device

or you can play on a friends device.


I don’t know about iOS and Windows.

So what is the purpose of the transfer account function then?

It definitly is for moving to another platform e.g. if you had an iPhone and want to buy an Android phone.

Maybe it is also needed for transferring between iOS devices (e.g. from your old to your new iPhone)?

I don’t know, because i have none :slight_smile:

this year and would like to know, if i can play different accounts on it …



As far as I know, if you use the same Game Center account and you have iOS sync enabled, you should be able to get your account back as well ^^