Transfer account

I had a linked account with my phone and laptop. I bought a new phone and I want to transfer my account from an old phone to a new one. I tried to overwrite my account on my phone with another account and it turned out that I was overwritten by an account on my computer. I lost my account on a laptop. I still have an account on the old phone. How to transfer an account from an old phone to a new one and once again connect the account with a computer? The notification pops up: You have reached your account’s connection limit. Please help.

Just connect Facebook with the old account and then open rr2 on new phone log in with same Facebook you did on previous account. U will get a pop up asking 

  1. Do u want to overwrite this account with Facebook saved ign Y of level X

  2. Do u want to overwrite Facebook saved I’d with current one

  3. Do u want to keep both IDs ( log out of Facebook )

Just hit the first button and you are done :slight_smile: