Transfer account

How do I know the day that I can transfer my account again and is there any ways except transfer account from another devices to restore my account on windows phone.

Please help me

Any one help me please :slightly_frowning_face:



There is unfortunately no way of knowing how many days are left.

You have to wait 28 days before being able to transfer your account again, starting from the last successful transfer.

Thought it was twice every 28 days?



Yes it is two times every 28 days, but once you have transferred your account twice, you have to wait.

If I transfer my account too many times like 5,6 times and 4,5 times by giving feedback, is it bad. 2 or 3 times is fine right :slight_smile:

mod, is that ok ???



You need to get in touch with the support about this, they are the ones making the decision to transfer your account or not :grinning:

Also, since you can already transfer it two times basically, it should normally be enough…

humm… not really. I lost my account many times on my windows phone device.

Ad, 28 days count from the last transfer right, if I gave feedback to transfer so count from that transfer right

Can you answer it for me please, Aether



Did you get an answer from the support about it?

As I am not the support, only them can help you with this.