Translation subtitles of official videos are required.



I want subtitles of Vietnamese, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese in this RR2 information video.

Setting a subtitle When there are many languages, I can relax and introduce videos to everyone.

It is an offline game where you can enjoy the mood of Immigration Bureau. And there is a conflicting drama.

It is an image movie that the fan made, but the number of subtitle languages is 22 and it is amazing.

Please translate the words of Madren and tell us in this way.

As per I know they don’t provide any subtitle to videos… And the video you are referring here are link only means they aren’t public. They are being shared in forums and official pages and handles which is English only… 

That subtitle in English is generated by auto generate system of YouTube. So you can be assured they are not being biased here. 

But yeah if they are making videos on English they should provide subs of deferent language to reach the whole community and it will be an welcoming stuff. 

I really like the suggestion :slight_smile: