You made from what i’ve noticed 2 mistakes in polish language version.

  1. Beasts Howl and Growl share the same name----> Primal howl “Pierwotny skowyt”,

2)Scrolls description, last word “gems” in polish version should be “klejnotów” instead of “klejnotami” in portal, time warp and  armageddon scrolls.

Looks like you just copy/pasted it from previous descriptions but in last 3 scrolls its different declension.


Maybe its not as important as game bugs/glitches but for sure very easy to correct :slight_smile:

Hello there,

Thank you very much for the report :stuck_out_tongue:



Speaking of polish version, fix the dang font! Why are polish characters (ż, ą, ę etc) from a different font set than the rest of the letters? It looks stupid.