translator in chat

please add a translator in the alliance chat, almost every online game has an automatic translator, royal revolt 2 is a game played worldwide and does not have a ?
we could not even copy the chat text to translate in google, release it at least that would help a lot

what’s the name of game that have translator in their chat?

I do not remember the names, I reinstall some games here to be sure

Hm… because from all the games I played, don’t have that function.

Storm of wars has a chat auto translator (powered by G Corp.). It doesn’t translate hindi and turns russian into mush but it’s there. That’s about 95% better than it not being there (or here).

I know of no other games but I don’t install that many online thingamabobs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lords Mobile is one of the games that has translator

Then I guess it’s possible to add that feature in the game.

A game I recently picked up to replace Rr2 has it too. Usually it’s a 3rd party API that does it, and Rr2 may not support that functionality depending on how it was designed.