There are possibility to defend Islands,why not make some option how you can defend your towers and barricades?  That would make attacking harder and more interesting,you would have to think about best strategies.

I suggest you to make some new improvement system- traps which can be put before towers and barricades. 

Slowing traps,Damage per sec traps(fire,poison),normal damage traps,teleporting traps,instant kill traps(only for troopers) and etc…


And of course chance to disarm them using gold. And if you use more gold to disarm them,the less you get at the end ,which makes progress little bit slower for some players :slight_smile:


I like the idea why not, but hard to balance it. I would like to suggest a similar idea that is to place some trigger at some point of def path that spend our hero power. This can be awesome and use power upgrade. Moreover this can justify to turn on defend mode for the attacker to reduce damage by these attacks. Maybe a new tower can handle hit with a large area in order to place the area effect of power where we want.


What do you think about that ?


Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

We always look to improve the game and appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:

Keep an eye on the announcements for any change!

Would be nice to use some traps, like a boulder, which is getting maxed damage on a narrow path, some nets - slowing random units, poison cloud, etc

also if you burning, like prometheus- then that net will burn, and you dont stuck at the place…

Also when Prometheus is burned I think is better if he is not taking fire damage from towers or arrows