Treasure Chamber Shrunk

I cannot reach 15,000,000 gold.  

The screen will show 14,999,999, but I cannot earn that final gold piece.  Neither through a fight nor a tavern.

When I try to upgrade something that costs 15,000,000, it tells me that I am 125 gold pieces short.  Not 1, but 125.  

RR Full Cash 01.jpg

Simple. They want you to spend 1 Gem.

Thank you BoatieMcBoatFace for pointing that out. Of course it’s not supposed to be like that :grinning:

Thank you @Sasch.  On my end, the issue has fixed itself.  I upgraded something else that cost less than 15,000,000.  After that, I was able to reach 15,000,000 again.  

As a developer, I’m sure this frustrates you.  Computer programs are supposed to run in a predictable manner without anomaly.  Point being… it’s not occurring for me anymore, but it may hit someone else at some other time.  Thank you.