Treasure Chamber


After all problem about gold , every body seeking  gold ,

Here 1 suggestions for discussion,

Make treasure Chamber unlimited , there will be no limit to earn gold , remove     15 M  limit, 

So that everyone got plenty of gold , and in Attack we don’t get problem of raid gold.

Recently in past 2 days , all my workers, spells , units were busy , i have nothing free to invest

And i was in a league , so i fought continuesly , and i think i had wasted  double gold (15-20M) by attacking at full treasure Chamber.

Long time ago players have ask to up the Treasure Chamber at 20M or 30M. To allow us to build at least 2 upgrades at 15M or do 5 or 6 upgrades at 4 or 5 Millions. Flare don’t care and the lack of gold in the game. Make the game boring and not interesting. So much stuffs need to be improve in this game its crazy

Wow, I don’t agree with unlimited gold at ALL! But, as WN said, maybe one more level of the Chamber could move it up to 20 or 30 million

this improve will help to balance the game. there is no limit to be attacked. You can suffer 600 attack in 30 min or 2000 in 3 hours. So to help at least new players to appreciate more the game. The Treasure Chamber should be bigger to allow us to accumulate more to compensate the lost. Its my vision of thing. Don’t know for the others

Just imagine

Awesome knightest store 100M 

Every body can loot it, may give gems also,


Is there also a limit for gems, pearls

Then why gold.

Your comparison is not well make sorry. there is a difference between 999,999 Gems where nobody will reach one day or 999,999 pearls where nobody will reach one day and 999 Millions where you can upgrades all in just 1 month. Gold have cap and its normal. Unlimited will kill RR2 for good

when you compare something do it with the same. Apple with Apple. Orange with Orange,etc…

I think comparison is same ,

These all r the resources in game.

Actually i don’t want it, this is the one of the solution of lacking gold ,for those who was struggling with gold.

I don’t have problem with gold , i earn it whenever i need it ,

Or may be wait for new 4.0 update ,

May there will be opportunity for gold.

I think you just don’t understand this change you want will kill RR2 for good. Imagine everyone can have 100 millions,200 millions or 500 millions. You don’t need to raid anymore. Just upgrade your stuffs and bingo. All maxed in few month. Same if you are attacked 5000 times. Trophy become close useless so you will not care. What its the huge negative impact? 

You will see level 120-130 drop at 500 or 1000 trophy and will make new player life miserable. New player will quit and so on… New player will not enjoy if they face level 120-130 when they are just level 20. Yeah because some moron like to do this in game like RR2. They do it in OR

Raid will become useless after full your Treasure chamber at over 500 millions. what the goal after? You have enough to improve all in just few weeks

What its the goal of the game after this? Nothing. Trophy,Raids becoming useless. Why someone will continue play RR2?

if tomorrow Flare add this change. Probably I will stop play it. You remove all the fun to raid each day. To up your trophy and fight hard base more and more more you up,etc…

Unlimited Gold is far the right solution to fix lack of gold. that sound bad like a worst hacker cheat engine


This always happens with me. Strong player with level 110+ are at 1500 trophies. Their defence seem to be normal without any boosts. But, when we attack them, we will loose 50-70 trophies on them. This makes me hate the game.

i know I face those moron who drop below 1500. Its a real pain to play now. that force someone to check his level and alliance level for each player. So you lose more time to check than do your raid.

I hope one day Flare will do something about this and not allow someone to drop where he want. i have no clue how they can do this. I think and really sure there is a way to fix this problem

Warriornator, why are you not joining any alliance and neither you are accepting friend requests. Why is this so?

See this player. How a lvl 70-80 player can attack him.

for play solo. I did it because its my playstyle. Also for my youtube channel. All the others FTB,Opelle and co do all the same stuffs. Be in a alliance Level 80+ with all boost and do video on boost and show dungeon with boost,etc…

I do something else. I show how to play solo, do dungeon without boost,etc… for friend request I don’t have enter in the game since this morning. I will go later

See? That just proves how stupid this add would be! It completely cheapens the whole idea of resources!

This just doesn’t make any sense at all.

Imagine all the guys at 5000 trophies who no longer need any gold.

At this moment, they could farm like… millions of gold and upon the release of version 4.0 they would spend all of it to upgrade the new buildings.

This would give them a huge advantage, doesn’t seem so fair now does it?

It will be very good. If we can do that. Well, we are not that advance. Top players lose millions of gold daily. So, it will not make a big difference.

Raising it to 16m would be fine, just so we don’t waste gold getting all those 15m purchases. Like if I had 14.9m in bank and battled for 1m, I would effectively lose .9m gold. That’s not cool, so give the treasury a little bit of an overhead to accommodate for that.