Treasure chamber

Hey guys, How much gold do you normally keep in your chambers?

And suppose if someone raids 500k+ golds from us the next attack will be relatively smaller. How does that works?

I leave around 800k-900k but people just take gold from peoples taverns anyway.

I don’t care at all!

max gold protected for max lvl chamber is 750k gold,raiding 500k or more is depends on ur chamber storage and taverns unprotected.calculation for it is still a mystery.after raid of 500k the amount will be lesser is not true.i try to raid someone 3times on the row giving me 500k each time.i think he forget to buy shield and gold is at max lvl

unless u use shield if not it will be robbed anyway,another way is that no upgrade ur taverns to prevent players raiding u often

At 750K protected, you can leave 1-1.1M in your chamber. This sum will stay constant regardless of the raids on you, cause the taverns will compensate all the time.


If you leave more, it will eventually get to this figure.

I used to upgrade my tavern a lot :slightly_frowning_face:

I was talking about other player raiding from us, if a player takes about 500k from me he or other players (which attacks after the first player) takes around 100-150k. I do know that the opponent raids a much larger amount of gold then amount shown in the attack history

When I keep around 1.2-1.3 million I dnt get any attacks(attacks are very rare). If I keep around 1.5m I get 1-2 attacks bt if I keep more than that I usually wind up losing 400-500k :confused:

Upgraded taverns helps me to get more gold for upgrade (let’s say I get an extra 100k without raiding), I tried the open base strategy it is earning me some gems :wink:

I doubt that!

I have rarely seen, two raids in a row with max loot.

Normally, following attacks (same attacker or different one) get loots, which are reduced drastically.


That is the reason, why I dont care about my treasure chamber at all.

Assuming, I have full chamber, first attacker takes 500k gold, following much smaller amounts.

In sum, I do not loose more than 1 million (rarlely more than that), regardless the no. of attacks.

^^ hey I too have seen that, after raiding 500k, the raid is change to 100-150k in the next attacks and its gets lower after each attacks.

Yes, the loot algorithm is a complex formula with certain functions built into them:


  • it has two components: gold from the defending player (chamber, taverns) and newly created “game generated” gold
  • the game generated loot depends on your level, the level of the attacked player, how much this player was attacked lately and how much you raided before. Obserations, best done on open bases, as these are attacked often and normally don’t have the “player’s gold component”:
    • this gold behaves like a pool, it is almost empty relatively fast, and replenishes over time (hours!) if you don’t attack
    • higher level players give you higher max loot (you can see the max loot from a given (open) player, if it stays the same after let’s say one more hour of waiting)
    • if an attacked player is the “source” of game generated loot very often, his max loot is reduced. Meng77 gave me ~300k as max loot in the beginning, but it was reduced to ~250k after having his base opend for weeks. In comparison another player of his level gave me the usual ~300k as max loot.
    • my specific max loot (level 82) is reached against level 95-99 players: ~310k. If i have two of them, i can do 6 attacks and the game generated loot is reduced fast, something like this: 300 / 235 / 175 / 135 / 100 / 80. At this stage i see other players in the players list with almost always 5k - 50k, depending on their level. E.g. from fresh (slightly below my level) i would get 5k game generated loot now (after only 6 attacks!). This (diminishing) gold was severely reduced by flare after the castle event, as a lot of players already noticed. At the castle event i had no problems gaining millions of gold multiple times a day.
  • the defending players gold, taken from chamber and taverns. This is also a complex formula, not like “i get what he has above the secured amount”. E.g. one time Fresh had about 1.5m in his chamber and a raid would have given me only 20k (!).
    • i didn’t investigate much about this formula, but i can say: you can stay at ~1.1m (gold from taverns included) normally
    • you can lose ~0.5m, if you have gained ~1m and have below 2m (50% of gains). It is ~1m loss, if you gained ~2m (and obviously have more than 2m).
    • if you gained “a lot” of gold recently and still raid, it seems that flare reduces the amount of gold you get from the attacked players even more. Maybe to “guide” you to spending gems? Could they be so mean? :grinning:
    • The maximum in one raid is 500k, so together with the game generated loot you can get ~800k as a maximum (at least for my level ~80)

I got 600k once which increased to 1m after adding bonus and cof chest

I once got ~800k from gypsy rose, which was increased to about 1.5m :slight_smile:

Hehe, I wished i could get 500k+ once per day Xd


Well, if you have an open base at level ~95 (or manage to beat one normally :grinning:

~300k + ~235k = ~535k (plus gold boost) in two raids, 2-3 times a day. :wink:


Actually Meng is right your opponent just has to have enough gold and you need to have a certain level ratio with them for this to happen. It has happened for me many times that I get the same big gold because that player just has so much gold available to raid.