Treasure Hunter + Luck gear + Royal Advisor -- rune and pearl farming

It’s been awhile since I’ve uploaded a video. Here’s a video showing how I farm for runes and pearls. This is a method that would be best used for players who no longer need XP or gold.

Some tips on using this method:-

  1. Avoid any hidden treasure that is dropped if you can’t see what it is. If you see the ‘pillar of light’ that is emitted by the hidden treasure, avoid it unless you know what it is. This is because you will run all the way back to your tent using this method and you can slowly choose what hidden treasure you want to pick up. Remember, the daily limit of hidden treasure is not what is dropped, but what is picked up. Currently, it is a little bugged where sometimes, the pillar of light doesn’t appear, but once this is fixed, this method should be a lot more effective.

  2. You need to reach the last obstacle before the gate with at least 30 seconds left or you don’t have enough time to run back. During the run back, as aforementioned, only pick up hidden treasures that you want.

  3. Use the royal advisor guardian immediately when it is available at the start of the raid and immediately call it off too once you use up all 3 spells. Why? Simple, because you can do one last summon during the last 7-8 seconds of the raid. This second summon is VERY important because of the guardian’s time warp that will help your units that are at the gate to destroy the gate while your king has gone all the way back to the tent.

  4. During the second summoning of guardian, do NOT cancel the royal advisor once you cast time warp, because she will ‘shout’ back your units, which will cause your units to run away from the gate instead of destroying it.