Treasure room? opinions


I was thinking, in ancient times the kingdoms used to have in their treasure chambers, not only money, but also relics that were said to have different uses. I thought that, since there is a throne room for objects that the king uses, why not have a treasure room for objects that benefit the kingdom such as increasing the percentage of storage of food or money, or reducing the cost of building improvements, even items that give a percentage of resistance to the defenses and buildings. that those items can be stolen or not, is debatable. What will the players think?

You have inventory slots to store items, which you can sell for gold. As a bonus you have daily chests plus video chests. So if you have shortage on gold to upgrade something, these are your extra reserves.

Making offense plus defense stronger, we have upgrades plus a guy called blacksmith. You use pearls and forge everything you want to improve.

So what you suggest we actually already have available. Items you better convert into pearls as soon as you maxed blacksmith plus unlocked all blacksmith slots. With the pearls you gain from him, you can improve troops, spells, towers, obstacles by 30-40%. Items you use, you can really improve a lot, depending on uber or pro item. 

Food shortage you solve with farm gear or vouchers, gold shortage with chests and sellable items.

Even with all that, i still think its not enough. I mean, for non-paid players the system Is really slow to reach improvements sometimes. And always you need to do a high number of attacks to get what you need. That’s too repetitive, having some boosters Is never a bad idea. 

There are enough free players who maxed everything without spending a dime. Take for example video chests. Don’t open them, but save them for almost 2 days. With those alone (6-8) you already have plenty of gold. Make sure you have either gold, luck or farm wardrobe, raid opponents that you can beat that give gold or items. Items you can sell.

Then also save chests from ninja event, war season. And most important, don’t be afraid to leave gold unprotected. Say you don’t have kaiser in defense, with max treasure room you can leave 2M gold unprotected. I even don’t mention to boost taverns.

Start with empty treasure room, but full silo and farms. Have video chests in reserve. Raid till farms are empty and silo is still full. Don’t spend any gold, empty taverns and leave gold  unprotected and return in three hours. Maybe you lost some gold, but definitely not all, there is a max you can lose. Raid again, empty farms and keep silo full. Empty taverns, still not enough? Activate free gold shield for 3 hours. You don’t lose any gold, since it’s protected. Then come back before gold shield expires. Now raid till either you have enough gold or silo plus farms are empty.

If you still don’t have enough gold, just open video chests. That should give gold to get even 15M gold. I say not for nothing to use gold, farm or luck gear. Gold gear gives extra gold, farm gear gives extra raids(I just use 17-50 bread, depending on gear I use) or luck gear (giving more items in cof. Make sure you raid players that you can beat). With this strategy anyone can get gold for any upgrade. Only thing you need is time. When you can’t invest time, then you should not complain, time is the alternative of spending cash.

I even didn’t mention to sell items, that you also can do to get the missing gold. So fill up inventory slots with sellable items. 

Main problem is that many people are afraid to leave gold unprotected for a while. If you leave for example 5-6M unprotected, max 1.5M is stolen, when you leave 7-8M unprotected around 2-2.5M max is stolen. Point is to get a higher starting value of gold, before you raid. 

If problem is that opponents you raid that give descent gold are too strong, then first fix that problem. 

By using that technique everyone is able to get a completely full treasure room. With it, I kept my workers busy, plus did upgrade troops, spells, research and waves. I didn’t need to spend gems at all.