Treaties must disappear


I am a general and am often contacted by enemies to establish a peace treaty or a common enemy.

This behavior is not fair for everyone and ruin the purpose of a better matchmaking !

This is often 3 alliances against one from day 1


I suggest a simple but effective change in the way we see enemies : anonymize the alliances and players involved, by giving them made up names only visible to enemies. That way, you don’t really know who is in front of you, so you chose to fight, like it should be !

There is the new tier leaderboard, and by looking at the score, we could deduce who was the last unknown enemy. It is hard to guess at start, but with time, scores spread enough to deduce a potential enemy’s identity without encountering them on the map. This feature introduce a minor flaw in my suggestion, but maybe some of you could bring another idea about that.

I hope FlareGames decide to act on this matter.

While it might be nice, it may not be possible with how the basic game engine of fighting enemy towers works.

Anonymising won’t work most of the time, all it will take is 1 base to be identified, one person to say “I’ll move from aa7 to aa8 now” to verify your opponents, then it becomes a game of chatting on facebook/line/WhatsApp to figure it out while the alliances who only play in game are disadvantaged.

Conquest is heavily geared to making alliances and spending gems, fighting battles and tactics are way down the list of things to be successful at conquest. (this conquest. the goal is just to spend gems to do all research and then spend gems to build level 4 towers and you can’t lose and can never be attacked).

Can you elaborate ? I don’t see how fighting enemy towers wouldn’t work with made up names for alliance and players.

I agree, alliances communicate with each other by other services than in game, and there is probably alter accounts in many alliances to gather infos.

But the game in itself should move towards a solution to make it hard for everyone to try to establish a treaty. Because that is in fact worse than the previous tier matchmaking !

There is many forms of treaties

  • Two alliances moving against one neighbor, that neighbor is probably going to have a hard time.
  • Three alliances against one, even worse ! I experienced it, it was hard.
  • Four alliances agreeing to not attack each other on big map and just building happily ever after.

The way I see it, FG could diverse conquests rules to add a 2vs2 conquest mode once in a while and current one without treaties by anonymizing names.

I don’t know how the game engine works for fighting the proper people with their proper defences but it may not be simple to make consistent random names on the map. (Then again, it might be very easy to do.)

I’m for it if it is easy and won’t mess things up.