Trebuchet bug


I am not sure this a bug or your creation.

When I test my defense, trebuchet deal aoe damage on two turrets if I place 1 of the turrets in the corner.

If trebuchet attack the turrets before the turret in the corner, then trebuchet also deal damage on the turret in the corner. It is similar for the turret in the corner and the turret next to it.


The Trebuchet does indeed deal damage in a small area where its projectiles hit. You can also see this when it shoots at a group of troops.

However, it was not intended that it can actually hit more than one tower at the same time. Thank you very much for sharing this with us, we are going to fix it in one of the upcoming updates.

*update: the aoe damage from trebuchets can damage the turrets when they do not attack the turrets. 

I have tested and the turrets also receive damage from the near defense units, which are turned into stone and being attacked by trebuchets.

I believe that is what they meant by area damage,  it does damage in a small area any units or towers near that area.

Exactly :grinning:

As mentioned by Chris, this is something which will change in the near future.