Trebuchet received damage wrong


i wanted to test how to counter trebuchets. It can only be something with physical dmg because of there weakness. My artemis tower is lvl 12 and does 799 dmg. The trebuchets are lvl 6 and have 4640 hp. Testing 1v1… the trebuchets wins really easy and only lost about 1/10 of the hp. It got hit 15 times by the tower. Than i thought this might be because of the fortification mode. I did another test. A trebuchet agains a archer lvl 10 and 214dmg. 1v1 the archer needs 9 hits to kill the trebuchet in fortification mode. This can not be right or if so can you explain why the dmg is so low?



Hello Vi0,

You can find an explanation here regarding the difference in stats between the attacking and defending troops:

Hello Alysea, this is actually not what is happening and has to be checked. I’m almost sure it’s a bug after the trebuchet rework. 
They literaly receive 0 damage from artemis/orthia towers, while they should be vulnerable to them. 
As Vi0 explained, a tower that does 800 physical damage, should apply to the trebuchet 800 + 50% = 1200. Vi0 can post the video, the trebuchet is taking ~10 shots from the artemis tower and receiving so little damage that it’s not visible. 

i do know my english is not the best but can u just read my post again. I did not ask about that and this does not answer my question. The stats for the tower should represent it defending stats well because a tower can not attack -.- And if the stats for the archer is lower than shown in the tips than the problem is even worst. A single artemis tower with 800dmg is not able to kill a trebuchet oO And i am not taking about nearly killed… 

Archer killing trebuchet

Artemis tower trys killing trebuchet

Hey there,

The Trebuchet is designed to be very strong against towers and barricades. When targeting such a structure it goes into fortification mode, will shoot faster with each shot dealing 4x damage. This is also why it resists 90% of the damage dealt by towers against it. The reason why you take Trebuchets into battle is because they are supposed to destroy those towers, but they would not be able to do this if they were beaten so easily by them.

Regarding your question why the Archer destroys the Trebuchet in 9 hits:
Defending Archers actually deal a bit more damage than attacking Archers because otherwise they would feel a bit weak. In your example, the Archer in fact deals 259 damage. Multiply by 9 shots and you get 2331 damage. The Trebuchet has a 100% weakness to physical damage so the amount of damage is doubled which makes it 4662 damage in total which is enough to destroy it.

Shouldn’t trebuchet be weak to fire instead of physical? I mean, all other aspects of the game seem logical to me…  :slight_smile:

Hmmm ok, you should have told us that, in the updates you wrote only that it applies more damage to towers… but not that it resists 90% damage!!

I’m killing with them but it seems too OP, not any tower can counter them at all. High HP, crazy collateral damage, 90% damage resist, increased damage against towers… At least they could be weak against all elemental.

have to remember that they are now always in defense mode. so damage done to them is less. whats the stat difference between defense and offense mode??? but clearly there is some type of stat difference

Okay I made the math again and something still doesn’t match. 

Vi0’s trebuchets have 4600 HP and they have 100% physical weakness and 90% damage resistance and his Artemis tower has 800 damage. So the math is 800 + (100% - 90%) = 880 per shot. That means that with 6 shots from the artemis tower they should be dead, but in the video you see that they receive 15 shots without even taking 50% damage. 

This is not how weaknesses work. A weakness of 100% means that the unit takes +100% additional damage, so the damage is doubled.

In case of the Trebuchet, its weakness to physical damage is only applied to damage coming from troops (or the Hero) but not from towers. The special resistance of 90% against everything ignores the physical weakness.

If a tower deals 800 damage per shot and the Trebuchet has 90% special resistance, this results in 800 * (1 - 90%) = 80 damage per shot.

A Trebuchet which has 4600 HP would need to be hit 58x by this one tower before being destroyed, because 4600 / 80 = 57.5

The reality is even a bit more complicated because the damage number shown in the game is “damage per second”. A level 12 Artemis Tower has an attack rate of 0.78 (attacks per second) and deals 1280 damage with each hit. The number which is shown in the game is then 0.78 * 1280 = 998 damage per second. You would have to do the calculation with 1280 instead of 800 damage in this case.

Thanks for the explanation, it would be fair if you add these hidden stats in the game or at least here in the forum, so we can do our own math and calculate what is worth and whats not. 
…still pretty OP this trebs, I would expect that at least 1 tower can do some damage to them, we have to completely change our defenses, I’m ok with that, game is changing constantly, it’s not getting bored but right now only units can hurt the trebs and if you don’t wan’t to get wrecked by them, you have to concentrate on building your waves especially on countering trebs… Still don’t know if thats good (or intended).

Thank you for your feedback.

Do you really think that Trebuchets are much better than other units when attacking? They move very slowly and don’t do much damage against troops after all. I would love to get some comparisons with other units.

Yes they are currently the strongest units (at my level 56, later maybe minos stack better), I can send you some video examples if needed. 
I have maxed minos, medusas, trebuchets and warriors. If I attack my base with warriors + another of these units:
With minos, I don’t even reach the bridge. 
With medusas, I reach the gate. 
With trebs, I destroy the gate and have + 10 secs. 

My base may be weak against trebs you may say, but usually I take them on every attack and have the best results. 

Trebs are great, but easily countered with early placed Charons. While your hero is busy with enemy units and towers, summoned clones will destroy trebs. I think the balance is right.

Also, Prometheus towers have a similar range, they counter trebs well if upgraded and put together with each other  

I get the best results when testing my base with clone warriors only :slight_smile:


When using Tbuckets, Charon towers and minotaurs (charge) kill them mostly. But a well placed path with archers on the defence waves kills them really quick too.

I attack with trebuchets as well as I think they’re awesome. They are the solution to lapeteos, snake and charon…

The only problem I face is when they are attacked by archers from other lane. Which is good because it gives some value to archers (who don’t have a lot imho) 

I agree that the trebuchets’ 90% damage resistance to towers is exagerated and needs a slight adjustment. I like the idea to give them a weakness to fire.